Microsoft’s latest Windows 11 update will make hybrid work easier

Microsoft recently hosted the Future of Hybrid Work event where the company introduced a bunch of new features for enterprise employees and hybrid work employees. This long list of features not only makes it easier for users to access their desktops from anywhere, but also gives them access to better meeting features. Then there are features that make daily tasks easier and faster. Read also – Microsoft Build 2022 will begin May 24: See what to expect here

Smart desktop

Microsoft today announced a new feature called Windows 365 Switch for its Windows 11 OS. This feature will enable users to quickly navigate between their Windows 365 Cloud PC and local desktop. The company has added a native Windows 365 app that will give users another way to access the Windows 365 Cloud PC from the taskbar or Start menu. Also Read – Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub Arrives in India: Here’s How

In addition, Microsoft says it is working on a functionality called Windows 365 Offline, which will enable users to work on Windows 365 even if they are not connected to the Internet. The company says that once the connection is restored, the Windows 365 Cloud PC will automatically reconnect to the Windows 365 service without data loss to maintain the user experience and workflow. Also read – PlayStation Plus vs. Xbox Game Pass: Which service surpasses the other

As far as general utilities are concerned, the company says it is introducing a new app folder inside the Start menu where users can easily find apps on their Windows 11 desktop.

New File Explorer

The company has also refreshed its File Explorer experience. It has got a feature called contextual advice which is driven by the company context IQ. This feature recommends relevant content and contacts across Windows, including cloud content. The new File Explorer experience also includes tabs that allow users to perform multiple tasks and find multiple files at the same time.

Upgraded focus for Windows 11

Microsoft has also announced new features for Focus in Windows 11. The list includes an integrated focus timer and do not disturb features.

Photo: Microsoft

Hybrid meeting

In addition, the company has announced a host of new features for Windows 11 seamless meetings. The company says it is introducing more AI-centric features to the meeting. These features include automatic framing so that users can rotate and re-focus the camera, voice clarity, voice focus and background blur to reduce visual and audio confusion in the background. In addition, the company is introducing a feature called iContact that improves eye communication during virtual meetings and video calls.

Live captions

To make deaf and hard of hearing and language learning better for Windows 11, the company has introduced a feature called Live Captions. This new feature will enable users to easily access captions from all audio experiences and apps across Windows, including web-based audio, like the audio from their favorite streaming websites.

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