Mercedes Exx doesn’t think EVs will be cheap any time soon: report

New technology is always expensive. With the development of technology and its spread across the global market, the cost of materials and production inevitably decreases. This leads to lower prices for consumers, and to a degree, we see this happening in the case of battery electric vehicles. Once the most expensive prospect for buyers, the lowest priced EV for 2022 is the 28,425 Nissan Leaf.

However, the least expensive internal-combustion Nissan is still $ 10,000 less than a leaf. It’s usually the same story for every automaker that sells EVs – comparable combustion-powered cars are always the least expensive, and not the least. Of course, EVs are still responsible for a small portion of total new car sales. This means that prices between electrical and combustible energy should be balanced in the near future, as production costs for EVs continue to decline. But in reality it will be?

This is the subject of an interesting report Roads and tracks. The news outlet recently spoke with Marcus Schaefer, chief technology officer at Mercedes-Benz, who has downplayed the optimistic future for battery-powered electric cars in terms of price. He cites comparative metric EVs at a price of 50 50 per kilowatt as financially comparable to internal-combustion engines. In short, he sees no way that battery power can hit that target or even get close.

Because? In the report, Schaefer points to current battery technology that is still not affordable despite increased usage. As such, development is ongoing to find better solutions, but it basically resets the evolutionary process to get new battery technology in cars. He cited mining capacity as a potential problem for raw materials. With the addition of variables, this leads Schaffer to a dubious conclusion about the price of EVs going down further, if not more.

“So below the expected reduction of US 100 100 or euro per kilowatt, it could take longer,” Schaefer said. Roads and tracks.

Exactly how long an issue is not discussed in detail. Mercedes-Benz, meanwhile, is aiming for an all-electric lineup by 2030. It’s eight years away, so perhaps the big question here is whether the new battery technology will come and run through the autonomous region before the internal combustion goes well. Otherwise, new car buyers may face a more expensive future than what they have now.

Mercedes Exx doesn't think EVs will be cheap any time soon: report

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