‘Losing faith in the system’: Families of children killed by teenage drivers respond

The families of two children killed in a car crash on their own driveway in Vaughan, Ontario. Last year, they said they had “lost faith in a system supposed to keep us safe” after the teen’s driver was sentenced to one year in the juvenile facility in open custody.

Binta Chowdhury, the mother of the family, told the media in an emotional speech, “This day of just a few seconds has changed, it has broken our family and changed our whole existence.

The juvenile driver was then 16 and could not be named under the Youth Criminal Justice Act. On Monday, he was sentenced to one year in open custody youth facility, followed by an additional six months of community supervision and a six-year driving ban.

Following the sentencing, the family read out a prepared statement, indicating that the family “will not feel any sense of justice from today’s court decision,” Binta explained.

“I have to admit that we were completely helpless and vulnerable to the recklessness of a stranger,” said Baba Ketan Chowdhury. “I have to accept the devastation of my family. And I have to obey the law that protects the guilty. ”

Watch the full statement in the video above.

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