Lakers ‘LeBron James says he wants to play Warriors Stephen Curry:’ I love

Although the Los Angeles Lakers so-called SuperTeam created this season did not deliver their expected results and James Harden ended abruptly in the Big Three of the once championship-loving Brooklyn Nets, the practice of joining superstar NBA players. The forces are unlikely to stop any time soon. If the goal is to win a title, then surrounding yourself with the best possible teammates increases your adversity more than virtually any other factor.

With LeBron James Heat absorption One of the biggest disappointments with the acquisition of Russell Westbrook, which caused the Lakers to officially fail to play this season, is to speculate, at least in recent NBA history, about the changes that will take place in Los Angeles. Make a list of it before next season. And if James thinks the Lakers haven’t turned themselves into championship contenders by the end of the summer, will he consider a trade demand? Impossible, sure. But we’ve seen madness happen in the NBA.

This line of thought makes James’s comments a fertile ground for speculation and rumors in an upcoming episode of “The Shop”. When asked who he would most like to play with in the NBA, James’ first answer was his son, Bronny James, currently a junior in high school. When asked which current NBA player he would like to team up with, the big James turned the wheel of Twitter.

“In today’s game, there’s some m —– f—— in today’s game, but Steve Curry,” James said. “Steve Curry is the one I definitely want to play with in today’s game. I love everything about that guy. Deadly. When he gets out of his car, he guards him from the moment he is dragged to the arena. হয়তো You might want to watch her as she gets out of bed. By God. He is serious. “

You can see the full discussion below, where James Scotty also names Pippin, Kobe Bryant and Penny Hardway as players that he would love to join the force (James’ comments about Curry start around the 1:04 mark and the language is clear in the clip).

Anyone who has followed the NBA remotely knows about James’ friendship with Curry over the past several seasons. After battling each other in four consecutive NBA Finals from 2015-2018, LeBron is more familiar with Curry’s exploits and how his shooting, off-ball movement, passing and competition affected the win.

James has drafted Curry into his All-Star squad for each of the last two seasons, he said “Love every second” For the first time in 2021 to play with Curry. Also last February, a member of Tim LeBron, Curry set an NBA All-Star record with 16 3-pointers, earning him more praise from his team captain.

Curry responded to James’ comments from “The Shop” on Wednesday.

“It simply came to our notice then. He was the captain and he chose me for the last two All-Star Games. So I don’t know if that’s enough, but I’m fine now, ”Curry said 95.7 said in the game. “It’s great to play with MVP Kinda caliber dude logically whenever you get interested or curious, one of the greatest of all time, great. It’s amazing. We can all live in that fantasy world. “

James’ comments about wanting to play with Curry will undoubtedly lead to hours and hours of use for the trade machine, with fans trying to find a way to get LeBron to the Warriors, but to say the results are unlikely would be a dramatic undervaluation. However, this does not negate the ultimate partnership between Curry and James down the road, and if it is fruitful, we will see two of the best and most talented basketball players of all time take to the stage together.

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