Lakers have not ruled out releasing Russell Westbrook, according to reports; The guard says

Russell Westbrook’s debut season with the Los Angeles Lakers did not go as planned. On Tuesday, they were the same team that knocked them out of the playoffs a year earlier: Phoenix Suns dropped out of the post-season controversy. Westbrook fought to fit ball-head LeBron James. He did not improve as a shooter, did not rise as an off-ball mover, or was committed to playing on a strong defense. In addition, his 44 million salary prevents the Lakers from maintaining a deeply supportive cast that has made them so dangerous over the past few seasons. The move, by almost no measure, was a disaster.

But after a 121-110 loss to Phoenix, Westbrook indicated he was ready to try everything again if things kept shaking like that.

“That’s the plan.” Westbrook says The situation acknowledges the reality before the game. “But the promise is nothing. You need to take it one day at a time. As I said throughout the season, you have to play the cards that you have dealt with. Yes, we’d like to be able to see what it looks like during the 82-game season, but we’re not sure if that’s for sure. So I just hope we have a chance to do something. “

If Westbrook wants to stay with the Lakers, Domino must knock him out first. He has বিকল্প 47 million player options for next season. If he picks it up, he will at least be under contract with the team, but they will still be free to trade him. Of course, if the Lakers fear they won’t be able to move him, Westbrook may reject the option and offer to extend his contract for multiple seasons at a lower rate. It could also be uncomfortable, and if the Lakers want, they could use the extended provision to pardon Westbrook and pay off his debts for several years – on Thursday, Mark Stein said they did not rule it out. If Westbrook hits the open market, the Lakers will not be able to secure an offer close to the $ 47 million he is obliged to pay if he chooses.

Westbrook is not the only major Laker who has said he would not mind bringing it back. Anthony Davis wondered what could happen after Sunday’s loss to the Denver Nuggets. “The boys think, ‘Well, if we were healthy all year, what would we be? [LeBron James] Was healthy, [Kendrick] Was Nunu healthy? ‘ You think about those things, “Davis said.” We put this team together and it looked good on paper, but with the boys inside and outside the lineup we didn’t get a chance to reach that possibility. So the most frustrating part of this season was what we could have Not sure. “

Even when the Lakers (31-48) had their full star trio, they weren’t particularly effective. The three played together but they were outscored in minutes. The trio simply did not fit together. No one is an elite shooter. They shrunk the floor for each other and their huge salaries prevented the team from adding role players who could be meaningful alongside them.

The broadest estimate is that Westbrook would choose that $ 47 million option. Financially speaking, he would not be a fool. Ball from there to the Lakers Court. They will, of course, look for trade opportunities, and with Westbrook in an off-season contract, it may be possible to transfer him. If not, Westbrook seems to be at least open to repairing the fence, even if there is little evidence that it will work for both parties.

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