Justin Bieber went from 0 to 8 at the 2022 Grammy: Who else did it?

Justin Bieber closed out the 2022 Grammy despite eight nominations – more than double that in any one year. He is not the first artist to go from 0 to 8 in Grammy The other three superstars – Rihanna, Connie West and J-Z – have experienced the same fate in recent years.


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When the 1965 awards were announced in March 1966, Paul McCartney went 0 for 9, which remains the biggest shutout in Grammy history. But five years before Grammys became a live telecast, so hardly noticed. (When they were telecast live in 1971, Grammys really became Grammys just because we know them.)

The list of people who have dropped out in any given year (despite receiving seven or more nominations) includes the biggest Grammy winners of all time, including Stevie Wonder, who has won 25 career awards; West and J-Z, who each won 24; And McCartney, who won 18. Apparently, anyone can do an off night.

Let’s take a closer look at the Grammys’ top shutouts – all the artists who got seven, eight or nine nominations in one year and lost them all.

Paul McCartney, 0-9 (1966)

Shutout: McCartney’s nominations included records for “Yesterday” and Best Song of the Year, and The Beatles’ Best Album of the Year. Help! Soundtrack John Lennon went to -5 for 0 that year. You might think that McCartney has given more consent than his songwriting partner. Since “Yesterday” was a McCartney solo vocal performance, Grammy only credits him (instead of The Beatles) for the track, and three more performance-linked sections for the track – Best Vocal Performance, Male; Best Contemporary (R&R) unit; And Best Contemporary (R&R) Vocal Performance, Male. (R&R means “rock and roll”, although “yesterday” was rarely rock and roll. Grammy is basically “relevant to the young audience we’re trying to figure out.”) McCartney and The Beatles won two Grammy Awards in 1964, so virtually unprecedented. After two years of world domination, they won just two Grammys. (The late Roger Miller, a funny country singer / songwriter best known for his amazing “King of the Road”, has won 11 Grammys in the same two years. I’m talking!)

What happened next: Lennon and McCartney won Best Song of the Year for “Michelle” the following year, a captivating song, but one that rarely exists in “Yesterday’s” class. The following year, The Beatles finally won Best Album of the Year Sergeant Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band. (“I Want to Hold Your Hand,” “Yesterday,” “Hey Jude,” and “Let It Be.” After the shutout, McCartney went on to win 16 more. Grammy, bringing his career total to 18. The Beatles have been honored on almost every anniversary, so that long-standing shutout is now officially ancient history.

Rihanna, 0-8 (2017)

Shutout: Rihanna’s nominations include Record of the Year for “Work” (featuring Drake), Best Album of the Year for featuring Drake View And the best urban contemporary album for his own Anti. This is the biggest shutout by a female artist in Grammy history.

What happened next: The following year, Rihanna won another Grammy, featuring Kendrick Lamar’s “LOYALTY” for her ninth, best rap / singing performance. Rihanna has yet to release her studio follow-up Anti (Which was released in January 2016). Let’s hope the Rihanna album had nothing to do with the Grammy shutdown.

Kanye West, 0-8 (2017)

Shutout: West’s nomination included Drake’s Best Album of the Year as a producer View And the best rap album for her Pablo’s life.

What happened next: Two years after the shutdown, West received his first nomination for Best (Non-Classical) Producer of the Year. He didn’t win, but it’s a competitive category, it’s really “an honor to be nominated.” West has won three Grammys in the last two years, bringing his career total to 24, which tied him to one of the most rappers in the J-Z.

J-Z, 0-8 (2018)

Shutout: J-Z’s nomination includes “The Story of Oz,” the record for best album of the year. 4:44, And the best song of the year for the album’s title track.

What happened next: Jay expressed his dissatisfaction with the closure of “Apache” in The Carters Love everything: “Tell Grammy – that 0-for-8 shit / Have you ever seen the crowd ‘opiate’?” Memo to Grammys: Never disappoint someone so skilled with a pen. Jay has won three more Grammys since the shutdown. Love everything (The album that contains the Grammys explosion) won the best urban contemporary album. She won the best rap song last year for co-writing Megan Thi Stallion / Beyonc কো’s Colab “Savage” and this year West / J Colab “Jail”. This brings J’s total number of Grammys to 24, which ties him to West with one of the most rappers.

Justin Bieber, 0-8 (2022)

Shutout: Includes nomination for Best Album of the Year for Bieber’s Deluxe Edition Judgment And “Peaches” (featuring Daniel Caesar and Givon) and the best song of the year on record. “

What happened next: Let’s hope Bieber continues to set a great record without worrying too much about winning the Grammy. And let’s hope Grammy voters realize that they’re underestimating this talented artist, who has no resemblance to a kid who sang “Baby” or Justin Timberlake who sang “Bye Bye Bye” or Michael Jackson. That kid sang “ABC”

Stevie Wonder, 0-7 (1983)

Shutout: Wonder’s nominations included a record of the year for “Ebony and Ivory”, a brilliant song of interracial harmony that he recorded with McCartney, as well as approval for his solo hits “That Girl” and “Do I Do”.

What happened next: Wonder has won 10 more Grammys since then, winning 15 Grammys before the shutdown. The shutdown came nine years after Wonder’s glory days in the 70’s, when he won 15 Grammys in four years, and returned to Grammy form with his 1985 album. In the square circle.

India.Arie, 0-7 (2002)

Shutout: Each of the nominations from India.Arie for the Big Four Award – Album of the Year Acoustic Soul), Record and song of the year (for “video”) and the best new artist. He lost them all, and three more. India.Arie served “video” on the broadcast.

What happened next: India.Arie returns the following year and wins two Grammys – Best R&B Album Travel to India And the best urban / alternative performance for “Little Things”. All he has said is that he has won four Grammys.

Kendrick Lamar, 0-7 (2014)

Shutout: Lamar’s nomination includes the best album of the year Good kid, mAAd city And the best new artist. He lost these two awards to McCallmore and Ryan Lewis and the other two awards.

What happened next: McCallmore posted a message to Lamar on his Instagram that Lamar should have won for the best rap album: “You’re snatched away. I wanted to win you over. You should have. It’s weird and sad that I snatched you অভিন congratulations on this year and your music. Appreciate you as an artist and friend. Lots of love. “Lamar has won 14 Grammys, including this year’s best rap performance for” Family Ties “, a collaboration with her cousin, Baby Kim. Lamar has yet to win a Grammy for Best Album of the Year (despite three more concessions). To pimp a butterfly, Damn And Black leopard Soundtrack), but he received a Pulitzer Prize DamnWhich is a fantastic fair consolation prize.

Billy Ilish, 0-7 (2022)

Shutout: Hilsa’s nominations included a record for “Happy Than Ever” and the best song of the year, as well as the album of the same name. Hilsa made history in her first two Grammy telecasts. In 2020, he became only the second artist (following Christopher Cross) to win in each of the Big Four categories. In 2021, he became only the third artist (followed by Roberta Flack and U2) to win the Back-to-Back Award for the record of the year. In fact, he made history this year as well. At 20, he is the youngest artist to go from 0 to 0 at Grammys 7.

What happened next: With his boundless talent and his equally talented collaborator and producer Phineas, we can be sure that he has many more rewards in the future – and more importantly, more great music than that.

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