Johnny Gargano: “I want to wrestle until I’m 40, and it’s 6 years away. So I do

Johnny Gargano appeared on “Insight with Chris Val Violet” this week to talk about being able to say goodbye to NXT, when he knew he wasn’t going to re-sign what he wanted to do post-wrestling and whether or not the door is still open. Open with WWE.

Gargano talks about being able to say goodbye to NXT viewers:

“I am just happy to be free. It was a period of my life where that chapter ended and I could close it and finish the story correctly and thank people. I thank people who no longer even work for the company. I had no obstacles. I just went here and spoke from the heart. It was not scripted, ”he said.

“Being able to do this has shown an incredible amount of faith. It shows that the relationship I had with the people at NXT and continues to be where they trusted me to go to live television with a live microphone. I could say, ‘I sign through this place. “I did, and I put down the microphone. I could literally do something. But I have a lot of respect for that building and everyone in that company.”

“But now, I just want to go and do my own thing, make my own choices and see what’s out there. You get a rare time to let your contract end. Many do not get that opportunity. They are signed for years and years. I knew my contract was coming and I wanted to re-evaluate things this time. “

When he knew he was not going to re-sign with WWE:

‘I think last year I knew it. I’ve done everything I wanted to do on NXT. That doesn’t mean I can’t go to RAW or SmackDown and do anything else. I just knew I didn’t want to re-sign, but there was always the option that I wanted to re-sign. “

“I made up my mind, but there was always a 1% chance that I could, so there was a 99% chance that I would not re-sign. But I think when Candice got pregnant, the 1% was gone. No one wants to be in charge of my time while I’m with Quill. I don’t want to sit at home and call a Connecticut number and say, ‘You have to be on this show’, or ‘You have to make this appearance.’ I just wanted to get a clean slate, leave and come back in the future, or go somewhere else, “Gargano said.

Gargano was asked if he knew what he wanted to do after wrestling:

“It’s hard. Obviously the name Johnny Gargano in wrestling will always be financially useful. People will want to pay me to watch wrestling, meet me and learn from me. In fact, I have a job to do in my life. I can go and be a producer, be a trainer or train people, “he shared.

Gargano was asked if the WWE’s doors were still open for him:

“I hope so. I guess so. I have a great relationship with everyone out there. But I said I want to wrestle until I’m 40, and it’s 6 years away. So I want to do what I can in this case. He has only 5 years. ”

If Gargano still wants that moment of WrestleMania:

“Of course. I don’t know when or if it will come. I have said many times that I have a great relationship there, but what sacrifices do I have to make to make it happen?”

“I would hate to be on the street and miss the first word of Quill or the first walk. Candice and I plan to have only one baby, so we only have one shot. “

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