Job market returns continue but Delhi has seen a decline; 16% annual recruitment in March,

Employers continue to show positive recruitment intent across sectors, cities and experience bands as businesses tweak pre-epidemic levels to normal, a new survey found. Survey, conducted by Jobs.comThe last month of the financial year saw a gradual increase in recruitment in all key sectors.

The employment index rose 16% to 2,832 in March, reflecting a steady increase in recruitment activity. The monthly index calculates recruitment activity based on job listings Month after month and year after year. The next monthly index is compared with the July 2008 data, with an index value of 1,000 as the basis.

Recruitment activity increases in all major sectors

Travel and hospitality, at 82%, have grown steadily since the lifting of travel bans. Compared to 2021, recruitment trends have increased in several other sectors, including education rate 44%, real estate 30%, retail 28%, banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI) 22%, IT-software 14%, and FMCG. 5%.

Recruitment activity in oil and gas, however, declined by 6% a year, when healthcare was flat.

Metros and non-metros maintain growth

Among the metro cities, Kolkata had the highest number of job seekers Kolkata recorded a 42% year on year growth in recruitment activity, followed by Hyderabad with 27%, Mumbai with 25%, Chennai with 24% and Pune with 23%.

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Recruitment activity in Delhi, however, has declined by 15% per annum.

Among the second tier cities, Coimbatore recorded the highest growth with 29%, followed by Kochi with 12%. Recruitment activity in Chandigarh declined by 9%, while Vadodara and Jaipur were flat.

Demand for experience across fixed bands

The band with> 16 years of experience had the highest demand in March with 23% more recruitment than last year. Bands 0-3 years (21%), 13-16 years (21%), 4-7 years (14%), and 8-12 years (11%) also witnessed a significant increase in recruitment activity. Chief Business Officer Pawan Gayal said of the survey: “India is on the path to economic recovery. All major industries and cities are showing signs of continued recovery.”

“It is good to see that the sectors most affected by the epidemic, such as travel and hospitality, have now been revived. We believe that with such a growth trajectory, the upward trend in talent demand will continue its dream race in the coming months. “

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