Jane Seymour poses for Playboy at 67, ‘Women who give up’

They say that life starts in the forties but with Jane Seymour, it seems that the older you get, the more fun you will have.

The actress became the oldest model to pose for Playboy when she made her third appearance in the magazine four years ago, at the age of 67, to inspire women of a certain age who lost their brilliance.

Now 71, he says he feels very free, telling us he thinks he can help women who have “given up.”

Jane, Catherine’s mother, 40, Shawn, 36, and twins John and Christopher, 26, in the 1969 hit film Oh! What a Lovely War, directed by Richard Attenborough – through whom she met her first husband Michael Attenborough – married her in 1971.

In 1973, she starred opposite Roger Moore in 007’s Bond Girl Solitaire in Live and Let Die, then landed award-winning roles in other films and TV series.

The actress became the oldest model to pose for Playboy during her third appearance in the magazine at the age of 67.


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And she wants to help older women regain their radiance


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She also showed off her comedy skills in the 2005 film Wedding Crushers, playing Wayne Wilson’s Lothario as a politician’s wife.

Fans are delighted to see her Kathleen character – or Kitty Kat – try to seduce Wayne with her new breasts and this is a role that has changed everything for Jane.

“I saw Wayne a few days ago,” the star told us from her Malibu home. “And I said, ‘Owen, you know what? After that movie, I don’t care what career I’ve been in before or since. I’m now The Tit Lady!’

Despite four divorces, he never gave up love. Her old friend, producer David Green, 72, became her boyfriend eight years ago. But while she’s obviously very happy, Jane doesn’t want her to put a ring on it and become the number five husband.

Jane is living on her own terms. So it’s no surprise that he jumped at the chance to play an amateur detective in his latest TV drama.

In 1973, she starred as Bond Girl Solitaire in Live and Let Die opposite Roger Moore’s 007.


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But what if he wanted to pose for a third playboy at the age of 67?

“I just thought, ‘What? Why would they want to playboy a woman in her mid-sixties?’ I was never going to be naked, but they were going to celebrate being a woman my age.

“And I just thought, ‘Well, you know, it can be inspiring for some women to give up.'”

Jane has heard the story of “my whole life” abandoning women at a certain age.

“People say, ‘When I had my first child, my husband told me I had to cut my hair.’ Really like it? ”He laughed

“And then I meet women who say, ‘I never cut my hair. Although I have four children. I told my husband I wouldn’t cut my hair until Jane Seymour cut it. ‘

“And then I mentioned the only reason I didn’t cut my hair was that I cut it once and I wanted to reverse it – but it flops!”

Jane Seymour played the role of solitaire to Roger Moore as 007


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Jane has always inspired women to express what they have, and she admits that acting in the movie “Wedding Crushers” has “literally changed everything”.

Suddenly, the people shouted, ‘Oh my God!’ And then they start scrolling to see if they can see me naked, but I’ve never really been naked. Never, ”he said

“And it’s so funny on the plane, I could see the guys chasing after them, thinking ‘she must be naked somewhere.'”

It’s hard to believe that the actress is in such great shape at the age of 71 – but she does not survive on a strict diet.

“Not harsh but I got my green juice from the garden, I grow all my organic vegetables there,” he said.

“I like Mediterranean foods, I eat fresh vegetables and fruits.

“And I don’t tend to eat meat, although I do eat fish or sometimes some chicken. And I never drink too much. I mean, I have no problem with that. So one or two glasses of wine at the end of the day, depending on whether I want to work the next day.

Jane Seymour as amateur slut Harry Wilde


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Jane has a gym in her home but says she rarely uses it.

“All I want to do is do some ballet exercises. I will put my feet on the kitchen counter and stretch, ”he said.

“I never smoke and I don’t like drugs. You know, even when I had major surgery and they gave me codeine, I can’t wait to get it. “

Jane is in a relationship with British film director David Green and they met while a young director at the BBC.

“They wanted to make a movie about Mata Hari and they sent her to America because they said, ‘Jane Seymour is considered an American so if you can play her as Mata Hari we can get funding.’

“I met her and loved her movies. And I said yes. Then they never made the picture, it just floated away.

Actress Jane Seymour and director David Green


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They knew each other for many years before they got together


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It took them a few years to reunite after meeting through work but they kept in touch because they have mutual best friends.

“So we would get together a bit socially but we never went out. She was married for 24 years. And so was I, ”he said.

“And we had the same number of children. Then his wife divorced him. And I found myself unmarried and we sat on my porch with our mutual friend feeling that we were both unmarried and probably dating the wrong person. “

Jane says she has no plans to remarry at age 71.

“I don’t feel any need,” he said.

“I know she will marry me but I just said, ‘Why? Do you really want number five next to your name? I’m not going to do this to you! ‘

Now Jane is back on television to play Devil-May-Care Amateur Sleuth in Harry Wild.

Jane says Harry Wilde is ‘a lot of fun to play’


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“I really enjoyed being Harry. I think Harry rubbed me a little. And I rubbed some on Harry, “he said.

“I hope people love it as much as I do, because I think it’s written so well. And it’s funny, it’s ridiculous and it’s sympathetic. You all care about people. That’s the kind of stuff I want to see. “

And she thinks the show will encourage older women to be more adventurous with their life choices.

“I think it’s going to be one thing: Are you Harry Wilde? Do you have a Harry Wilde in you? Have you – given half the chance – to do what he does? He’s a lot of fun to play!”

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