Jane Saki shuts down Fox News reporter over Florida’s ‘heartbreaking’ ‘don’t say no’

On Monday, White House Press Secretary Jane Sackie slapped Fox News reporter Peter Dusi – again – on Monday when she asked if he could name a sex education program in Florida kindergarten that would justify the state’s new “don’t say gay” law.

Ducie Biden pressured Saki to oppose the administration’s highly controversial law, which prohibits discussions on gender identification and sexual orientation in classrooms from kindergarten to third grade.

In a bizarre question, Dusi asked, “Does the White House support such classroom directives? Before Kindergarten? ”

Saki countered: “Do you have examples of Florida schools teaching kindergarteners about sex?”

“I’m just asking for the president’s opinion …” Dusi began to respond.

Saki: “I think that’s a relevant question” because the law is nothing more than a “politically charged, strict law that puts parents and LGBTQ + children in a very difficult, heartbreaking situation.”

He said the White House believes the law is “a reflection of Florida politicians spreading misinformation, hate speech that does absolutely nothing to solve real problems.”

Saki responded that the U.S. Department of Education was considering further steps, including possible action against those responsible for violating federal civil rights law.

Several LGBTQ advocacy groups and families filed a joint federal lawsuit against the law on Thursday, arguing that it was unconstitutional and had already begun to harm children and families.

But the law could be much more universal than initially imagined.

Florida law, in fact, does not mention the word “homosexual” in the text in a weak attempt to skirt the Constitution. And since it now prohibits addressing low-grade gender identity and sexual orientation issues, the law can be reliably understood. All Sexual orientation and gender.

A satirical letter circulating among Florida teachers now advises all students to refer to “they” and “them” to avoid risky “gender pronouns” such as “he” and “she”. Also “Mr. and Mrs.” should be omitted for teachers, according to the letter.

In response to the letter, Twitter wags also raised other issues: should the words “boy” and “girl” be dropped from the school bathroom? What about “female” and “male” sports teams? Books such as “Fun with Dick and Jane” (and their possibly heterosexual parents) should also be banned if “Heather Has to Mummy” cannot be read in the classroom, critics say.

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