Israel studies dive vaccine stock as a bearish booster point

Vaccine stock Modern (MRNA) and Bioentech (BNTX) An Israeli study on Wednesday topped a second Kovid booster shot after suggesting a sharp decline in immunity.


Researchers examined data from more than 1.25 million people aged 60 and over who were eligible to receive a fourth Messenger RNA dose from January 10 to March 2. They found that after the fourth dose of Pfizer’s bioentech-partnership, rates of covid infections and serious illness were lower. Shots

But researchers said in a report published in the New England Journal of Medicine that “protection against certain infections appeared to be short-lived, although protection against serious illness did not decline during the study period.”

In today’s stock market, stocks of both vaccines have declined. Moderna stock fell 4.6% to 154.62. BioNTech stock lost 7.8% and closed at 166.65. Shares of Pfizer (PFE), on the other hand, rose 3.2% to 52.87.

Vaccine stock: Four shots tested

Of those who received the four doses of the Pfizer-Biotech vaccine, the Israeli study found the lowest number of covid infections – severe and mild -.

The researchers noted that there were 1.5 serious cases per 100,000 people receiving four doses of mRNA shots and a total of 177 cases. In the three-dose group, there were 3.9 serious cases and 361 total cases. Among those who received only two shots, the ratings were 4.2 and 388, respectively.

“Protection against serious illness did not decrease within six weeks of taking the fourth dose,” the researchers said.

But eight weeks after the fourth dose, the rate of infection was the same between the four-dose group and those who took three and two mRNA shots. Bearish points caused the stock of the vaccine to fall.

Moderna Falls is below the 50-day line

The news comes after the Food and Drug Administration signed off on the fourth Covid booster shots for people aged 50 and over. On Wednesday, an FDA panel met to discuss the criteria it would use to update its booster strategy because covid has become a local disease like the flu.

Vaccine stock Moderna fell below its 50-day line on Wednesday, according to At the same time, BioNTech shares were briefly above them.

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