Irregular fake monks are banned from the monastery for making false claims about God

There are also allegations against Rachel Mulcahir for allegedly shaking the altar and harassing the elderly by ordering her to stay away from the Clonard Monastery in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

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Orthodox priest shouts at Pope: ‘You are a heretic’

A court has ordered a fake monk not to come within 150 yards of a monastery after making a “false” claim about God before roaring at the church altar.

Rachel Mulcahy has been given an interim injunction following allegations by priests about her irregular behavior.

He was told to stay away from the Clonard Monastery, a Catholic church in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

The woman disrupted regular services and harassed the elderly, it was claimed.

He now says he is praying for the parishioners of the church following his exile. An appeal for a full ban will be heard in Laganside Court later this month

In the church, Rachel Mulcahi made a ‘disruption’, it was claimed
He is not a monk – and a court forbade him to go within 150 yards of the monastery


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He told Sunday Life: “Yes, a court barred me from going to Clonard.

“I pray for the souls of the parishioners and priests. I am praying for you too. It will take me a while to consider this before I decide to talk more. ”

But later he wrote a letter explaining his love for Jesus.

“I’m in love. At the peak. I can’t stop it,” he said.

“I love Jesus Christ so much that I can only think of Him. No one else can just think of him. I love him very much. I never want to be away from her. “

At first Clonard’s staff ignored him, but his behavior became more erratic


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Sources claiming to have knowledge of the Interim Prohibition say the woman felt uncomfortable with the elderly church goers.

“He was in the services of a brown-clad Clonard, although he was not a monk,” an insider explained to the publication.

“His behavior was exactly the same, throwing his weapon in the air, making all kinds of wild claims about God and then shaking on the altar.

“At first Clonard’s staff ignored him, but when it showed no sign of ending, they had to do something, so they went for an interim ban,” our source added.

“The congregation will be very old and they are afraid of Mrs. Mulkahi’s behavior. They just want to be alone in praying for peace. ”

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