Interactive NFT platform launches KCSUDT 1D MA50! For

Cocaine Token ( KCSUSDT ) Has returned to its recent highs with most markets, and is about to test the critical 1D MA50. However, as the company has released some exciting news about the launch of the interactive NFT platform and the price is about to hit a large support cluster, that news could be the ideal security fake. But as always, let’s break it down into the technical and fundamental part of more detailed analysis.

** Technical analysis **

As mentioned above, price 21.300 (ex) did not stay above 3 months resistance and was rejected. It can be nothing more than a simple thing Bull flag Uptrend time but to be sure, hold 1D MA50 (blue trend-line) and high low trend-line from bottom to January 22nd. As you can see in the chart, the two are just above each other. The 1D MA200 (orange trend-line) is just below and has maintained an uptrend since late January.

Considering the low support level, if this MA / higher fails to hold the lower region, it is 17.550, 16.000 and finally below the 13.470 market in January. With 1W MA50 at 15.200, I can’t see the price below 16.000 support (2). The reason is that since March 27, KCS has broken above the former Channel Down of November 2021 High, so a new Bullish Stage. Breaking below 1W MA50, even if 13.470 holds support (3), threatens the possibility of a new long-term rally.

At the same time, 1D MACD The index is going to create one Bearish The cross, which is just a signal to pull back towards the higher-lower trend line (i.e. where we are now) from February. The RSI Offers a clear buy zone above 42.00.

So long as the upper Support level Holds, the immediate target is the 23.600 – 22.920 zone, consisting of December 24 and 27 high and 0.618 Fibonacci retracement Respective levels. A 1D candle above translates into a strong rally towards the 28.760 high.

** Fundamental analysis **

News this week could not be more exciting. After years of accumulation and development dedicated to providing an exceptional trading experience for cryptocurrency traders and NFT asset investors, KuCoin has launched a new interactive NFT launching platform designed for crypto games and traditional games – KuCoin I go (Initial gaming offer).

What is KuCoin IGO?

Cocaine I go Provides users with a seamless centralized experience for purchasing, investing and managing their unique NFT. Like cryptocurrency trading, I go Allows users to purchase NFT directly and withdraw to their external address with minimal delay and there is no gas fee for NFT purchase and withdrawal of NFT.

Cocaine I go Flat Rate offers three different ways to launch your in-game items via sale, auction or mystery box. IGOs can be conducted in different rounds, each round offering a different number of resources with a tiered price structure.

When was the first KuCoin IGO?

First KuCoin I go The project will be launched on April 8, 2022 Users can access the first 6 I go Project – Picaster, a card-battle play-to-earn game featuring Picaster (NFT), which creatively designs a variety of innovative gameplay, such as Guild Battle, World Trice, Boss Challenge, and Expedition.

You see, there’s only one day left and the hype can’t get any stronger! As of April 2022, KuCoin has supported spot trading for more than 45 GameFi projects; Clear evidence that their views on blockchain gaming are an irresistible effort to provide the best-focused experience for the next era of gaming.

** Conclusion **

There should be enough reason for you to buy dips in these support levels, as this token is consistently supported by one of the strongest fundamentals in the market. As long as the momentum is reversed, do not move out of the upcoming long-term assembly.


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