In Ukraine, Moldova accelerates the synchronization of power systems

Following an urgent request from UkraineNergo and Moldova for emergency synchronization, TSOs of continental Europe agreed on March 16 to begin trial synchronization of continental European power systems with Ukraine and Moldova power systems, according to ENTSO-E, the European network for ENTSO-E.

According to ENTSO-E, this acceleration of the synchronization project, which has been ongoing since 2017, has been made possible by conducting previous studies and taking risk mitigation measures.

Continental Europe European Transmission System Operators (TSOs) are now backing the stability of the Ukrainian-Moldovan power system after a positive analysis that has confirmed that an urgent synchronization is technically possible with a number of steps to ensure a safe and secure power system.

This is an important milestone for continental Europe TSOs working in collaboration with Ukrainian TSO Ukrenergo and Moldovan TSO Moldelectrica, who are operating their respective power systems in extremely difficult conditions, says ENTSO-E, the European Commission, all TSOs involved and their nationals. Thanks to the authorities. For their support and assistance in the synchronization process.

“Today, the power grids of Ukraine and Moldova have been successfully synchronized with the continental European grid. This will help Ukraine in this dark time to keep their power systems stable, keep homes warm and light. It is also a historic milestone for EU-Ukraine relations. Part of Europe, “EU Energy Commissioner Qadri Simson Says

‚ÄúThis project has shown tremendous cooperation and determination from all involved. I would like to thank the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO E) for working one year in two weeks to make this happen. I would like to thank the French presidency of the Council and the member states for their support in this project which is not risk free. And I would like to thank our Ukrainian partners – especially Minister Galushchenko and the Ukrainian government – for their heroic efforts to keep the Ukrainian power system working in the midst of a terrible war, “said Simpson.

The commissioner stressed that the EU will continue to support Ukraine in the energy sector by ensuring the reverse flow of gas to the country and ensuring the supply of badly needed energy supplies. “We look forward to the time when we can continue our excellent cooperation in green transformation and market reform,” Simpson said.

ENTSO-E is the 39-member Association for the Cooperation of TSO, representing 35 countries, responsible for the safe and integrated operation of Europe’s electricity system, the world’s largest interconnected electrical grid. In addition to its core, historical role in technical collaboration, ENTSO-E is the general voice of TSO.

On 27 and 28 February, Continental Europe TSOs received a request from Ukrenergo and Moldelectrica for an urgent synchronization with the continental Europe power system, which was supported by the EU energy ministers. Continental Europe is committed to responding positively to TSOs Ukrenergo’s request and has begun analyzing the conditions for emergency synchronization while maintaining the security of Continental Europe power systems. On 11 March, Continental Europe TSOs concluded that the conditions for an emergency synchronization had been met and that an emergency synchronization had been completed on 16 March. Throughout the process, continental Europe TSOs receive support from the European Commission, member states and regulatory authorities.

The project began in 2017 for the synchronization of the Ukrainian-Moldovan power system with one of continental Europe. The project included a catalog of measurements completed before being able to move forward with synchronization. Emergency synchronization allows interconnection without completing all measures but ensures additional mitigation measures to limit operational risk. This will allow the support of UkraineNargo and Moldelectrica to maintain the stability of the Ukrainian and Moldovan power systems.

Continental Europe TSOs identify some risks related to information technology, including security and dynamic stability, operations and markets, legal and regulatory, and cyber security. Exceptional measures have been implemented with the assistance of concerned stakeholders and authorities. A comprehensive 24/7 monitoring of the situation is predicted, and appropriate measures are planned depending on the evolution of the situation in Ukraine.

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