Here’s how much money project managers in each state will earn in 2022

With so many complexities involved in multiple and different teams, stakeholders, outside agencies and many companies involving client and customer expectations, project managers nowadays play an essential role in the workplace in order to effectively launch a successful product or service. The project manager’s responsibilities cover a wide range of responsibilities, including timeline, purchasing, staffing and – budget analysis and coordination of a product or service for a business organization. What’s more, project managers direct and direct the work of various technical staff, as well as often act as a point of contact with the client or customer that the product or service ultimately.

Using professional data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics on project management experts, we have analyzed and compiled a summary of the average salary of project managers by state in the United States where project managers make the most money and where to read for their complete separation they are doing the least in 2022.

10 states where project managers make the most money in 2022

According to the BLS, the national average annual wage of a project management specialist is $ 98,420, a total of $ 40,000 more than the average annual salary of all professions, $ 58,260. The average project manager’s salary can vary considerably from state to state. The state average with the highest average project manager salary is $ 64,900 less than the average salary of the lowest paid state project managers. The highest paying state also has an average salary for project managers which is $ 51,000 higher than their respective salary in the lowest-paying state.

Below is a list of the top 10 highest paying states for project managers:

  1. New Mexico average project manager salary: $ 123,160
  2. Washington Average Project Manager Salary: $ 120,800
  3. New York average project manager salary: 111,890
  4. New Jersey average project manager salary: 111,460
  5. Virginia Average Project Manager Salary: $ 109,980
  6. Alabama Average Project Manager Salary: $ 109,100
  7. The average project manager salary in California: $ 108,990
  8. Delaware average project manager salary: $ 106,930
  9. Massachusetts average project manager salary: 106,690
  10. Illinois average project manager salary: $ 104,520

While not among the top-10 states with the highest project manager salaries, Wisconsin saw the largest increase in the average salary of its project managers last year: 37.7%, from $ 67,610 in 2020 to $ 93,110 in 2021. The state of Washington, which came in as the No. 2 best paying state for project managers, saw its average project manager salary increase 36.6% at the second-highest rate, from $ 88,430 in 2020 to $ 120,800 in 2021. In third place for wage growth, No. 1 New Mexico increased the average salary of its project manager by 35.8%, from $ 90,670 in 2020 to 3 123,160 in 2021.

With 63,680 project management specialists, the largest number of project managers are employed in the computer system design and related services industry. However, the highest paid industry for project managers is the oil and gas extraction industry, with an average salary of প্রজ 151,750 for project managers, although only 860 of them are employed.

10 states where project managers earned the least money in 2022

The bottom-10 states where project managers make the least money show little more than a geographical pattern, although several states in the Midwest and South differ. Interestingly, Hawaii, which often has higher salaries for most jobs than other states (partly due to the state’s notoriously high cost of living), has the lowest average project manager salary among the bottom-10 states. Here are 10 states with minimum pay for project managers:

  1. Arkansas average project manager salary: $ 72,160
  2. South Dakota average project manager salary: 73,000
  3. Montana average project manager salary: $ 76,360
  4. West Virginia average project manager salary: $ 76,400
  5. Hawaii average project manager salary: $ 77,390
  6. Tennessee average project manager salary: 80,430
  7. Vermont average project manager salary: 80,550
  8. Indiana average project manager salary: $ 81,750
  9. Kentucky average project manager salary: $ 82,160
  10. The average project manager salary in Kansas: $ 82,300

Only one of these states, Hawaii, has actually seen its average project manager’s salary decline year after year. In 2020, Hawaii’s average project manager salary was $ 77,680, down 0.2% to $ 77,390 in 2021. Outside of these low-10 lowest-paying states, Maryland has seen the biggest declines in project manager wages over the past year: from $ 99,170 in 2020, down 1.5% in 2017 to $ 97,700. Meanwhile, the 6th state – Tennessee – with minimum annual wages for project managers – has a healthy growth of 20.4%, which is good news from $ 66,810 to $ 80,430 in 2020. , Even with the lowest project manager average salary in the state, আর 72,160 in Arkansas, still $ 58,260 above the national average annual wage for all occupations.

How much do project managers earn in each state in 2022?

Below you will find a table of the annual wages of all average project managers for all 50 states. BLS only has wage data available for project management specialists in 2019.

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