Here are 10 things you need to know about how they cast big brother

For a long time, the term “Big Brother” simply referred to George Orwell’s strong presence in the masterpiece. 1984. In this popular and iconic book, everyone is always looking, and it is certainly uncomfortable.

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Reality series Big brother Inspired by that idea, because it’s about the contestants living in the same house together, and the audience gets to see every moment of the play. But, how to get people Big brother In the first place? With over 30,000 applicants each year, the odds may seem slim, but there are plenty of ways to improve your chances of gaining a place on the show.

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The app recommends that not everyone likes each other

Big Brother 7 All Star Cast

There are always villains Big brother And these are the people who always cause problems, make plays and make people angry. It turns out, it even starts at the welding process.

The application seeks to consider the personality types of potential cast members that they do not like and this will dismiss them. According to The reality is blurredThe application states, “As much as you think you’ll meet everyone, you won’t.”

Personality and IQ tests are given

Both personality and IQ tests are given to potential cast members, accordingly The reality is blurred. This is interesting to learn, especially since there are competitors who are not liked by the fans.

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The personality test consisted of two tests that took 15 minutes to half an hour and a multiple choice test that took 60 minutes. Someone said he tried for the show The reality is blurred The questions involved include “what would they think if their mother was exposed as a murderer.”

The health of the contestants is considered

Official casting website for Big brother Canada Note that “you must be in excellent physical and mental health” if anyone is going to apply to be on the show.

This is understandable, since filming takes a long time, and if someone has to leave half way, it will be difficult.

Those who pass it in the first round go to LA

Of course, lots of people apply to reality shows all the time and hear absolutely nothing, which would be frustrating. But when people successfully apply and pass the first round, they go to LA for auditions.

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People say it’s a “long process” and no one really knows all the details of this stage of the journey, but as mentioned above, there are IQ tests and other hurdles that everyone has to overcome.

The process involves an application, video and audition

So that is considered for Big brotherEveryone has to fill out an application, send a video, and if they are selected, they have to audition.

It certainly sounds like people have to spend a lot of time and effort to get to the audition stage.

The casting director wants people to be true to themselves

Casting director Robin Cass says he wants people to be honest with him during the audition process. He said“I’d rather talk to you than clich you standing in front of me Big brother The thing you think I want to hear. I don’t want to hear that. “

This is interesting because a lot of people can wear fake personality clothes or be too over-the-top during auditions because they may feel that their real self is too dull. But that doesn’t make anyone successful, and the best house guests are forcing people to be who they are.

There is nothing wrong with applying more than once

It would be hard to refuse Big brother And I want to apply again when the casting process starts next season. But experts say people should think about doing just that.

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There is nothing wrong with applying more than once because producers can change their mind every season. No one will be able to apply in one season and the next season they seem to be the right fit.

An open schedule is the best thing

It is fun to learn more about BTS Big brother And it’s a juicy one. Natalie Negro, who was in season 18, said she quit her job before being cast on the show. He explained that he applied to the show when he still had his regular job, but soon, it became too time consuming.

If people really want to cast on the show, they need to have an open schedule so that they are ready for the long audition process.

Remember everyone is a “character”.

People are being thrown Big brother Is “character.” This is something that is easy to forget, but for those who dream of staying on their favorite reality show, this is an amazing piece of advice.

This is why fans will love to watch Bachelor Throw members Big brotherSince these people have big personalities that will make an impression and be entertaining.

Being dull certainly won’t cut it

Anyone who has auditioned Big brother Shared their experiences Reddit And they were in Raleigh, North Carolina for the process.

They said the casting director made sure people didn’t say really dull things. When one person gave a fairly polite answer, he said, “Do you really think we’ve never heard of it before? What’s so significant about it? It’s a good reminder that when someone wants to make it Big brotherThey must be unique and original.

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