Harry Style, Red Hot Chili Pepper dominates the Australian charts

Harry Style and Red Hot Chili Paper are the new king of the Australian charts.

Style has reached No. 1 on the latest ARIA singles chart, including “As It Was” (Columbia / Sony), the second single leader of English pop singers.

The former One Direction star had previously led the survey with “Sign of the Times” since April 2017 and appeared in the latest charts with “Fall” (No. 35) and “Golden” (No. 39), which had the same effect in December 2019. Per week

“As It Was” is the main track for Styles’ upcoming third single LP, Harry’s houseMay 20 out.

Styles is not the only international pop star to have splashed 8 on the ARIA charts Canadian artist Sean Mendes started at number 22 in “When You’re Gone” (Island / Universal), “Monster”, and moved to No. 7 in November 2020 after his collaboration with Justin Bieber. “You’re Gone” premiered last month in South by Southwest, Austin, Texas.


See the latest videos, charts and news

See the latest videos, charts and news

Meanwhile, US rapper Lil Todge debuted at No. 27 with “In My Head” (Columbia / Sony), for his second spot on the ARIA charts. The hip-hop artist has made it to the top 10 hits list in Australia with 2021’s “Calling My Phone”.

Country singer and songwriter Dean Lewis is back on the charts for the first time this year at number 29 as the “Heartless” (Island / Universal) blast.

ARIA album chart, with RHCP 7th No. 1 bag Unlimited love (Warner). This is the 12th studio album of the Rock Hall-Inducted California band, a follow-up to their Chart-Leading 2016 effort. GetawayAnd first featured in guitarist John Frusiente Stadium ArcadeWhich also rose to No. 1 in May 2006.

Finally, Brisbane’s electro-pop costume Confidence Man enjoys their first ARIA Top 10 Tilt (I oh you / Universal). It’s new at No. 7, their last album, has peaked at No. 31 in 2018 Confident music for confident people.

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