‘Greatest Moment on Air’ mocks Brexit Channel 4 as a broadcaster

GB News presenter Boris Johnson and Sir Care Starmer have re-shared Channel 4 news clips of 2019 general election coverage presenter Krishnan Guru-Murti Hosting coverage. Exit polls suggest Conservative Party is poised to win 368 seats Darren Grimes described it as “the greatest in the air.”

Mr Guru-Murthy said: “Polling stations across the country are closing and we will be able to publish the results of the exit polls at any time based on asking the people in those polling stations what they have done and what they hope they have done. Voters tell the truth.

“It simply came to our notice then.

“It’s 10 o’clock at night, and voting is over in the general election this Christmas. Did Boris Johnson pull it off and gain a majority?

As the audience spoke of the possibilities, the presenter revealed that Mr. Johnson was predicted to get a majority.

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Mr. Guru-murti continued: “This is what the exit polls say, Boris Johnson has won by gambling.

“He has refined his team and is still at the top with a forced majority through his Brexit.”

This comes as the government has said it will move ahead with plans to privatize Channel 4, the broadcaster said in a statement.

The channel is currently owned by the government and is funded by advertising.

A Channel 4 spokesman said it was “disappointed” by the decision, but “will continue to engage with the government on the process to ensure that Channel 4 continues to play its unique role in Britain’s creative environment and national life”.

The statement said: “With over 60,000 submissions made by the government to the public, it is disappointing that today’s announcement is made without formally acknowledging the public interest concerns that have been raised.

“Channel 4 is committed to the Government in good faith throughout the consultation process, demonstrating how it can launch many popular programs from independent sectors across the UK that represent and celebrate every aspect of British life as well as enhance its contribution. Society, public ownership. Time to maintain.

“Recently, Channel 4 DCMS (Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sports) presented a practical alternative to privatization that would safeguard its future financial stability, allowing it to do significantly more for the British public, creative industry and economy, in particular. Outside London.

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“It is particularly important that the agency go beyond just two years in making a significant commitment to drive its influence in the countries and territories of the United Kingdom.”

The statement continued: “Channel 4 is legally committed to its unique public service remittance. The focus of the company will be on how we can ensure that we can deliver remittances to both our visitors and the British creative economy across the UK.

“The proposal to privatize Channel 4 will require a lengthy legal process and political debate. We must engage with DCMS, the Government and Parliament, and do what we can to ensure that Channel 4 continues to play a unique role in Britain’s creative environment and national life. “

The government is advising the broadcaster on plans to privatize the broadcaster, which was established in 1982, to reach less-served viewers, due to concerns over the survival of the streaming era.

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