‘Gray’s Anatomy’ Season 18 Episode 15: May’s Max Har Choice (RECAP)

Conflict with Bailey (Chandra Wilson) helps Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) make up her mind about David’s (Peter Gallagher’s) job offer in Minnesota Gray’s physiology Season 18, Episode 15, April 7’s “Keep Testing.”

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Grey’s Anatomy Season 18, Episode 15, “Put It to the Test.’”]

Meanwhile, Gray Sloan’s residency program is on the line after the Medical Accreditation Council discovered complaints of residents staying at the hospital for a long time. As the episode begins, Bailey is preparing to appear for an interview with two representatives of the council, who are coming to the hospital that day to begin their investigation.

Bailey wants Richard (James Pickens Jr.) to be the first interviewer, but he has other plans for the day: he’s getting his doctor’s assessment. And its evaluators? None other than David and Kai (ER Fightmaster), whom Richard believes to be an impartial judge.

The assessment goes well until David starts talking to her and Richard about the older doctors who are following in the footsteps of the younger doctors or waiting for the relatively young doctors. Decision Whether to follow in their footsteps. Richard’s eyes narrowed. David had a brief conversation with Richard to find out if he was trying to hunt down David Meredith, he said. “A + in the logic skills section,” Kai interacts.

Gray's Anatomy Season 18 Episode 15 David Kai Richard

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Then, Richard takes an initial break from the assessment when Levy (Jake Borelli) calls him in panic. At the beginning of the episode, Levy realizes that his mother, Mirna (Michelle Gardner), is trashing Gray Sloan’s residency program online, and after arguing over her tweets, Mirna falls down the basement stairs. Levi called the paramedic, and then he called Richard, and so now Richard is helping on the phone because Levi is dealing with Marna in the basement.

Richard was also in the bay by ambulance when the rig carrying Levy and Mirna arrived at the hospital, and after Link (Chris Carmack) and Teddy (Kim Rever) took Myrna for treatment, Levi broke into Richard’s arm and claimed it was his. If Levy hadn’t killed his patient Devon, he believes, his mother wouldn’t have posted complaints online about Gray Sloan, and they wouldn’t have gotten into an argument and Mirna wouldn’t have fallen down the stairs.

He also lets Richard Bailey know what he thinks of David: Meredith is considering leaving the hospital. Bailey sees Meredith sitting with Nick (Scott Speedman) and he chews on Mere. Thoughts About to leave, especially with the lack of a historical doctor and a residency program hanging on a thread. “This program has made you big!” Bailey yells at Meredith. “I raised you, taught you everything you know!”

Gray's Anatomy Season 18 Episode 15 Nick Meredith Bailey

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Bailey also recounts Meredith’s early years in McDermott, calling her “the little girl who followed her handsome appearance around the hospital” and having sex in the car and breaking all the rules. But then Bailey clutches her chest and shakes her legs, and Mer and Nick help her get off her legs.

Maggie (Kelly McCurry) examines Bailey and finds that Bailey has not had another heart attack, only a panic attack due to stress. But Maggie warns Bailey that she will have another myocardial infarction if she “doesn’t do less.” (However, during that convoy, Bailey let Meredith slip about her job offer, not realizing that Maggie didn’t know it beforehand.)

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While Meredith waits with Nick to talk about Bailey’s condition, he tells her that he has never treated Bailey like her – or anyone else before. He loves Bailey, but he doesn’t currently Likes Bailey, she says. And she’s disappointed that Bailey has let her down in her less-professional past. He understands that this is why surgeons leave the hospital where they are housed. When they’re stuck, colleagues say, “You see who you are, not who you are.”

Gray's Anatomy Season 18 Episode 15 Meredith Nick

Nick, however, spends the episode working on donating a donor kidney to a brain-dead patient. Why? Because the donor is a pig. Yes, Nick and his boarding students are operating a genotransplant, trying to prove that pigs can be effective kidney donors. If the transplant is successful, that progress could help get everyone off the waiting list for a kidney donation. And at the end of the episode, a catheter bag full of urine proved that the replacement worked. “Look at you, I’m changing the look of transplant medicine,” Mary tells Nick.

While Mirna is at OR, Levi talks to David and Kay about Richard as a teacher. He has only the highest praise for Richard, but as it turns out, Richard has already passed the assessment with flying colors. There’s even better news – Amelia (Caterina Scorson) says Levi’s mother is OK. (Amelia, however, apologizes to Kai for trying to pass Kai to Richard before the episode. Kai says they understand that Richard is “your David.”)

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Richard, meanwhile, sits down with the accreditors and tells them that the hospital has trained hundreds of successful surgeons (as we have seen from the beginning. Gray’s physiology Season, with May and her intern class learning the ropes from Bailey and Richard). “I thought saving a life was the highest call of ambition,” Richard said in an interview. “Then I started teaching.”

Gray's Anatomy Season 18 Episode 15 Richard

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Richard also told the creditors that if he had to resign as director of the residency program to continue the program, he would do so.

That night, the creditors give their verdict to Bailey. They say Gray Sloan has one of the best surgical programs they’ve ever seen, especially since residents seem to be really excited about the work. But they are still keeping the residency program on probation because there are not enough surgeons to provide proper education to the hospital residents. So now Gray Sloan has three weeks to make substantial changes, otherwise the program will close for good.

Gray's Anatomy Season 18 Episode 15 Bailey Maggie

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And speaking of the ominous declaration, Mary informs Nick of her decision. “I’m ready to start again,” he says “I am ready. I will accept that offer. “

We are not getting another new one Gray’s physiology The episode runs until May 5, so we’ll have to figure out how to spend the next four weeks Gray’s Its title character could work with Four State Lines away from Seattle!

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