Gemma Collins’ fianc Rami Hawash has arrived at the hospital after a ‘serious’ accident

Jemma Collins revealed that her fianc Rami Hawash was taken to hospital after a ‘very serious’ accident at work.

On Instagram on Friday, the television personality shared a photo of him embracing an injured Rami, who was wearing eye patches and had his nose cut off, after he drove overnight from Glasgow to London to stay with him.

Jemma told her followers how Rami needed an operation and that she had “no sleep” after her car broke down on the motorway at 4.30am.

He writes: “London no slip from Glasgow. A breakdown in the car. But I gave it back to you. I’ve been apart for the first week since dating … I miss you.

“Also friends had a very serious accident in his eyes and nose during Rami’s work just before he left for my tour he needed an operation it was a really weird week for my tour !!!”.

Jemma Collins reveals that her fianc Rami Hawash was taken to hospital after a ‘very serious’ accident at work
Jema has a bold face for her Glasgow show



Gemma began her Big Night Out tour in Manchester on Tuesday before moving to Glasgow.

The reality star said how could Rami not relax until he had an eye operation.

Gemma added: “If you don’t smile you will cry !!! She is. We must always be positive. I will be able to rest properly after the operation of poor Rami. “

The television personality also shared his concerns for his mother Joan, who crashed his car after driving to a tree pot show in the center of the garden.

“Also my mom took me to a ceramic plant pottery show at the local garden center !!”, he said.

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