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GCW “Joy Jenner Spring Break 6, Part 1”
Streamed on FITE TV
March 31, 2022 in Dallas, Texas

They were in a huge, art-loving place, probably with a crowd of 700 to 1,000 people. This is the same room that hosted the Bloodsport event the day before. Although there is no railroad, I am glad to see the seats far from the ring; With so many GCW shows, there’s almost no place on the ringside. Lenny Leonard and Kevin Gill were commentators.

1. Jay Brisco and Mark Brisco won the GCW Tag Team title at 11:15, defeating Mans Warner and Matthew Justice and Nick Gage and Slade. The announcers talked about how the Briscos lost tag titles in New York in January and want them back. Matt Tremont was unable to do the show, so Gage was going to defend the title alone. Mark and Jay both threw chairs at Justice’s head and bled just seconds after the match.

Mans chokeslammed JK through a table in the ring at 3:00. The gauge hit Mans on the forehead with a sharp object. Slade arrives at Ringside and gives Gage a pizza cut, and it’s clear that Slade is now Gage’s partner in this match. They bleed from Mans’s head using a pizza cutter. Gage nailed Jay Brisco with an unprotected chair shot at 7:30; I don’t like it at all. Gage now has the main gun, and I stopped this action. At 9:30 a.m., Gage hit one of Justice’s piledrivers on a table on the floor.

Briscos worked on Mans Warner in the ring, Mans was bleeding profusely. JJ hit the driller and Mark hit the Froggy Bow top-rope elbow drop for a believable close read, but saved the sled. Briskos hit the sled with the Doomsday device to score the pin and win the title.

Ally Catch Cut a promo in the corner of a bedroom, where he said that Mickey James was facing his “fantasy” and he was licking his fingers. (A callback to Mickey James-Trish Stratus at WrestleMania).

Jeff Jarrett Shown pulling on a truck. Announcers wondered why he was there. (Jarrett pinned Effie on the show in New York in January.)

2. Blake Christian defeats AR Fox at 12:34. Lenny calls Leonard Fox an “independent wrestling legend” and he’s not wrong. Fox hit a dive on the top rope at 3:00. Blake hit a dive with a rope at Fox at 6:00. In the ring, Fox hit a rolling Brainbuster move for a near fall. At 9:00 Blake hit a Superman punch and a German suplex. The fox hit a cut for a believable close. Christian Three hits Amigos Suplex, then a top-rope frogsplash for a believable close reading at 10:30.

Fox hit a modified Spanish fly, then a 450 splash for a believable approach, and the crowd chanted “It’s great!” Blake hits his standing Spanish fly, then his double-arm rotating DDT for a clean pin. Nice, nice match. The crowd chanted “All Heart” to the Christian.

3. Mickey James defeated Ally Catch (w / Effy) at 11:15. This is James’ GCW debut. The crowd at Bell is hot, and they trade Basic Arbor Reversal. They opened it with a chop at 3:30. Catch buried his head in James’s crotch then licked his finger. Yes, it happened. The catch hit a rolling tumbleweed in the corner. James drops the catch through the table set in the ring at 8:00. James hit a top-rope thesis press for a near fall. The catch caught James’s crotch, so James did the same, and the crowd got up. The catch hits a headbutt, then falls near a piledriver at 10:00. James kisses Ally, startles her, then hits a spin kick for James Pin and a jumping DDT. Fun but definitely adult-rated match.

Catch got up to Mike and asked fans not to scold James. Clutch said it was the first women’s match of the GCW Spring Break; He promised that more would come.

4. Nick Wayne defeated Gringo Loco, Jordan Oliver, Jimmy Lloyd, Alec Price, Ninja Mac, Jack Cartwheel at 7:09 in a scramble of seven. It’s a fall for an end and everyone is fighting in the ring at the bell If you are not aware, Owen is still only 16 years old but he is competing for GCW across the country. Gringo hits a flip dive on the floor above everyone at 2:00. This action is too fast to write, because everyone is hitting Stunner and Dive Nick Wayne and Oliver have traded arms. Gringo Loco hits his spinning power bomb from Ninja Mack’s corner at 6:00, then he hops on the floor. Cartwheel hit Sasake Special Dive on the floor at 7:30. Wayne hits a top rope 630 splash on the floor above all. He jumped back into the ring, hit a stunner on Lloyd, and pinned.

5) Joey Genela defeated “X-Pac” Shawn Waltman at 19:20. Waltman wore a NWO-style shirt with 6 balls on the front. Genela came out a second time and was greeted by a chorus. Genela wears a purple trunk with a yellow razor, designed to honor Scott Hall. The announcers threw the history of the match, winning a tag match and introducing Genela Waltman.

Waltman hits the Bronco buster-type move from the ring apron to the floor and they fight on the floor. At 2:00 Janella Waltman flips Hard to the ring post and Waltman falls down. As Waltman tried to recover, Genela set up a table on the floor. Waltman hit a tornado DDT and they both landed at 5:00. Waltman hits Bronco Buster in the corner. Genela hit a Death Valley driver on the ring apron at 7:30.

Waltman made a flip dive to the floor, sent Genela through the table, and they both landed at 10:00. In the ring, Waltman hit a Canadian Destroyer and an X-Factor for a reliable near-fall. They hit the line of clothes at once and both went down at 12:00. The crowd mocked Genela. Waltman hit a top-rope X-factor through a table set in the ring for a nearby fall, but Genela stepped on the rope at 15:30.

Genela hits a second rope brainbuster for a nearfall, then hits a top-rope doublestump chest for another close reading. Waltman nailed Genela with a wicked chairshot through a table set on the floor at 18:00. In the ring, Waltman hits another unprotected chairshot in the head. Genela begged for mercy, then he tried to hug Waltman, but then he hit a low. Genela followed with a superkick to score the pin and the crowd erupted. This match went at a slow pace and was not as hot as I expected. Not a bad match, but it was just a step slower.

* Waltman woke Mike up and said his body was hurting, but he loved wrestling too much and promised he would come back.

6. John Moxley retains the GCW title by defeating AJ Greece at 22:14. Similar to the Bloodsport event, Moxley was introduced as a representative of the Blackpool Combat Club and got a pop. The crowd is aroused by the sound of the bell. Gray hits a dropkick in the leg, and Lenny Leonard says Maxley is dealing with a late leg injury. Gray hits a flip dive with a rope at 3:00. They quarreled on the floor and in the crowd, and suddenly it was hard to see anything. They continue to quarrel in the crowd around this huge, huge room. They return to the ringside, and Moxley hits a suplex on the floor at 6:00.

The board covered with a barbed wire in Moxley slipped into the ring, and he hit a release suplex of gray on the barbed wire. Moxley wrapped a barbed wire fence around Gray’s feet. This is quite a one-sided action. Moxley wrapped a barbed wire fence around his arm and repeatedly punched the Greek. Why doesn’t Gray wear a shirt, like Moxley? Moxley hit a side suplex, at 10:30 Gray landed on the barbed wire once more.

Gray hits a spear through a barbed-wire door in the corner, and Moxley fights to free himself, so he takes off his shirt. Gray hits a running bulldog slam, then for a munsalt around 14:00. Got a ladder from the bottom of the gray ring. Moxley has been exposed and is bleeding from his forehead. At 18:00 Gray jumped up the stairs to Maxley, who was lying on a table, and the two of them were down.

They trade forearm shots in the ring. Gray nailed a cloth line nearby, and they both went down at 20:30. Got a tube of light covered in gray barbed wire; I hate it. Moxley hit a stunner on the weapon, but Moxley took most of the glass. Moxley pushes a piledriver to get closer, so he goes under the ring and finds some more light tubes. Moxley hit a butterfly suplex in light tubes to get the pin. Moxley’s back was bleeding. They shook hands, and posed with Moxley belts.

They not only took a short break to clean the dirt, but also installed more barbed wire and tables and light tubes. Okay, I’m not even going to see it.

7) John Wayne Murdoch won a hardcore title by defeating Alex Colon at about 12:00. By 10:00, Colon had an injury to one arm and doctors wrapped him up. Murdoch wanted to fight but the doctors stopped him. Murdoch brought her into the ring, struck her in the arm with a weapon, then applied a divorce court armbreaker and taped out the colon.

Murdoch wakes Mike up and tells Colon to pack his bags and leave GCW. The crowd was in stunned silence. I seriously watched the last two minutes of it and am not interested in watching any more.

Last thoughts: The show ended at 2 hours, 45 minutes. I hate light tubes and glass. I can handle the thorns because you have some control over it. The glass breaks and goes everywhere, in the crowd or, in the case of Alex Zine, with the force of the eye. It’s dangerous and reckless, and one day a pro wrestling campaign will be sued by a fan for being injured by it.

I love everything about Blake Christian, and he had another great match, this time with AR Fox. The Briscoes get second best, and I’m glad they have tag titles somewhere, now they’ve lost their ROH tag title. The seven-way was fun and fast. The women’s match was fun in its own, obscene way.

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