FTR on Splitting W / Tully Blanchard, likely to be associated with Bret Hart

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FTR And Tully Blanchard may no longer be together, but there may be another WWE Hall of Famer in line to handle Dax and Cash.

Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler recently sat together The Wrestling Podcast’s Two Man Power Trip To discuss various issues. Asked about their recent breakup with Tully Blanchard, FTR said it was down to Blanchard that he lost focus on important issues.

“If you lose focus, you’ll lose your job. We need something that will ensure that we are at the top. And since we lost the AEW World Tag Team title, that’s the top. And we’re not there right now,” said Cash Wheeler. When Tully came in, he was laser-focused. He gave us this edge and he gave us these ideas and he had this knowledge that was not used and it went beyond our hump. When we won the AEW tag team title thanks to Tully.

“But I think when we didn’t get that rematch immediately and we weren’t champions for more than a year, he went where the gold was. And I don’t think, Dax and I, we are family. We say he is my brother. We don’t have to be related to the family. And so if you are not part of the family, if you do not seek each other’s well-being, it is more than money. This is something we have always said. It’s not about money. It’s about inheritance. It’s about the people that you meet along the way. And I never imagined the friendship we have now and the things we’ve achieved over the years. “

Now that the breakup with Tully Blanchard is official, there has been a lot of teasing on AEW Dynamite recently about the possible arrival of Brett “The Hitman” Hart to manage the FTR. From the first double or nothing pay-per-view, Hart was not seen at All Elite Wrestling, where he launched the AEW World Championships. When asked what it means to work with The Hitman, FTR did not shy away from their feelings for The Excellence of Execution.

“He is the man who touched my life. So we can say that there are a lot of legends that we’ve lost in the last few years that I would have loved to have had the opportunity to work with like we’ve never been able to work with Bobby Eaton, like stuff, I don’t want to miss them anymore. “So there’s a chance that even if it’s just for one night or it’s just behind the scenes where he’s talking to us, giving advice, it’s great for me. I don’t know if anything is possible. I’m not going to add any fuel to that fire. But even if it’s just a one-night stand, where he’s behind the scenes, chatting, advising people, working with Brett and letting him know how much he’s affected us, even though he already knows because we’ve talked endlessly about it. ”

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What do you think of FTR’s comments? Would you like to see them paired with Bret Hart on AEW Dynamite? Let us know your thoughts by closing the word in the comments section below.

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