From Hollywood with love by Scott Messlow

From Hollywood with Love

By Scott Messlow

Fans of the romantic comedy genre will undoubtedly enjoy the nonfiction book, From Hollywood with Love: The Rise and Fall of Romantic Comedy (and Rise Again). This book is a history of “modern” rum-com in the movie When Harry met Sally (1989) and ending with For all the boys I love before (2018). Along the way it discusses what is ROM-less and what is not, why some work and some don’t, caste women and other under-represented groups face problems getting their stories in the film and the changes made by it are streaming services.

There are sixteen films that have their own chapters, as well as segmented sections on specific actors. My favorite part of thinking about why each movie was chosen and how it changed the rom-com paradigm or became a unique hit and why – in fact, why every movie gets focus is that each chapter of the book doesn’t just talk about a particular movie, but Other films that competed with it, influenced it, or were influenced by it. I was both entertained and informed by the discussion of how and why the films were made, the changes they went through before coming to the screen, and what qualities seemed to be successful.

It’s not a hard-hitting revelation about the many kinds of deletion and injustice in Hollywood, but it does take time to talk about how extraordinarily difficult it was. Waiting to breathee (about black women) and To give something too much (About older white women) on screen. It also discusses why, for example, Will Smith is just a romantic comedy (Hitch)

From Hollywood with Love It’s easy to read, it’s windy, you can take it anywhere in the book, and it’s divided into many smaller parts. This is by no means an academic book. In addition to using conversational language, it is fairly excessive in discussing many of Hollywood’s problems. However, I felt entertained, consistently interested, and at least somewhat informed and enlightened.

Above all, I like to watch a lot of favorite romantic comedies myself and add something new to my watch list, which suggests that this book has achieved its goal of reminding me of how enjoyable, interesting and moving Rome-com can be. Stay.

– Carrie S.

A profound celebration of the modern golden age of romantic comedy and its role in our culture, tracking 80s and 90s genres, its tragic fall in the 2000s and its explosive resurgence in the streaming era, exclusive interviews with genre defined iconic film directors, writers and stars.

No genre in Hollywood has been more misunderstood বা or unfairly underestimated চেয়ে than romantic comedy. Fun, charming, and reliably crowd-pleasing, rom-cum was an essential backbone of the Hollywood landscape, beginning the careers of many talented Hollywood actors and filmmakers, such as Julia Roberts and Matthew McCannaghi, and still had limited creative opportunities for women in Hollywood. But in spite of all that সম্ভবত or perhaps because of it রো Rome-Com has been routinely ignored by Academy Awards or snowblown by critics. Inside From Hollywood with LoveCulture writer and GQ Contributor Scott Meslow is trying to correct this mistake, celebrating and analyzing rum-less with the grateful, insightful critical lens they always deserve.

Beginning with the golden age of romantic comedy – from the late 80’s to the late 00’s When Harry met Sally– The long-winded push for the rise and diversification of streaming paves the way for films like groundbreaking, franchise-spawning Crazy rich AsianMeslow examines the evolution of the genre through its many iterations, ranging from the setting up of new troupes, to the rewriting of Austin and Shakespeare, the triangle of many loves, and even the occasional bold decision to overcome with absolute bliss.

Featuring original black-and-white sketches of iconic movie scenes and exclusive interviews with the actors and filmmakers behind our favorite ROM-coms, From Hollywood with Love Makes the oral history of our most famous romantic comedies for a familiar and entertaining look at one of Hollywood’s favorite but least-acclaimed genres.

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