‘Freedom convoy’ leader Pat King ‘shopping for lawyers’ weeks after his arrest

Freedom Convoy leader Pat King says more than six weeks after his arrest, he is still seeking lawyers to represent him at the trial.

“I’m in the process of shopping for lawyers now,” King told the court Monday. “Because of the importance of this issue, I want to make sure we have proper representation.”

King, 44, faces 10 charges for his role during the “Freedom Convoy” protests that have ravaged Ottawa city center for three weeks, including intimidation, police obstruction and mischief. One of the co-defendants, Tyson George Billings, appeared in court Monday at the Quent Detention Center in Napani, Ont.

Raja has been held at the Ottawa-Carlton Detention Center since his arrest on 18 February. His case has been put on hold several times because his representative is not officially a lawyer.

King said Monday that Cal Rosemond, who represented him at his initial bail hearing, was “not my mentor.”

King’s two lawyers are working on his bail review hearing, scheduled for later this month. However, he has no lawyer on record for trial and he spoke in court on Monday.

Crown Attorney Maiz Karimji has expressed concern that King’s case has been with us since February, and raises the possibility of the King appealing for legal assistance if he so desires.

King and Billings have been charged with two counts of intimidation and obstruction of police. They face one-on-one counting for mischief, counseling for mischief, counseling to stop the police, counseling to intimidate, disobeying court orders and disobeying court orders.

Billings, 44, also appeared in court on Monday and will appear again on April 19. He is being held at the Quinte Detention Center in Napani, Ont.

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