Formula 1 Tech is expected to be coming to the road cars soon

In an effort to maximize potential for its upcoming cars, the manufacturer will be sourcing technology from its fairly successful Formula One team. I’m talking CoachMatt Herman, Alpine Formula One technical director, explained that this collaboration would not only be a light transfer of technical knowledge but also an important component of the upcoming product line design strategy.

“The A522 Aerodynamics Group at Enstone has completed a specific project for Alpine Road cars, and we are moving to another,” said Herman. “We are linking those two [groups of] People work together in both physical examination and computational fluid dynamics. It’s a really nice collaboration, and it’s good for aerodynamics, it gives them another angle to look at, it refreshes their minds. They really enjoy working on these projects, so we will keep them going. In fact, we will probably expand our engineering skills to road cars. “

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