FKA Twigs joins ‘The Crow’ reboot

FKA Twigs, British singer and dancer who enters acting, reboots and re-imagines The crowSupernatural revenge thriller directed by Rupert Sanders.

Bill Scarsgard, who played Pennywise the Clown It is Horror films are topping the project, which has seen many iterations and intimate calls come in development year after year.

Crowe was an indie comic written and drawn by James O’Bar in the late 1980’s that told the dark story of a man and his fianc who were assaulted and killed by a gang after the couple’s car broke down. The man is resurrected by a crow and takes revenge on those who took his life and the life of his love.


See the latest videos, charts and news

See the latest videos, charts and news

Twigs playing girlfriend / fianc. The role was not significant in the original movie but sources say that in this remake, the part has been re-imagined as a co-star. It is unclear whether the character never dies completely, perhaps returning to some supernatural form, or even the crow’s own representation.

The crow Shooting is set to begin in June with productions in Prague and Munich.

Produced by Victor Hadida, Molly Hassel, John Jenkins and Edward R. Presman. Dan Farah is an executive producer of the project.

Earlier this year Twigs released a mixtape album titled Capricorn And there was a song The king’s people Soundtrack

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