Ferrari stolen from New Jersey Real Housewives star Jennifer Aiden’s garage

PARAMUS, New Jersey (WABC) – A Ferrari was stolen from the garage of the Real Housewives’ star in New Jersey over the weekend.

Jennifer Aiden posted videos of three suspected car thefts, with police saying they entered the home by opening the garage door in an unlocked car on the driveway.

“They stole the Ferrari,” Aydin wrote. “My kids and parents and other friends were all at home. Please send any information to Paramus PD. ”

It happened just before 11pm on Sunday at the family home on Alpine Drive, where police were called in to report a robbery progress.

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Upon arrival, officers spoke with the victim’s teenage son, who reported that when he arrived home, he noticed that his parents’ 2016 Ferrari was leaving their home quickly and their garage door was all open.

“My son called us, he’s 17 years old, his name is Justin, and he said, ‘Mom, they just took a Ferrari,'” Aydin told eyewitness news in an exclusive interview before returning to Miami Airport, New Jersey.

Aydin said nine family members were at home at the time, and they realized something was wrong when they heard her husband’s Ferrari roar engine.

“When Justin pulled over, he crossed their path,” he said. “He saw them. It was a white SUV in the back of the Ferrari and they sped away as soon as he was pulled into the driveway. “

In one video, the suspects were seen walking down his driveway, where the garage door was opened from an unlocked car.

Surveillance cameras from inside the garage show them removing the cover and stealing the Ferrari. Aydin immediately posted it on his Instagram page.

“I was, listen, I have a platform,” he said. “So if I put it there, there could be enough heat on these criminals. Maybe they will be scared. ”

Police said the investigation revealed that at least three suspects came home in an unidentified white SUV.

They use the car garage door opener to enter the house, then enter and steal the Ferrari California, which contained the keys to the garage.

Paramount Police Chief Kenneth Ehrenberg said the suspects all wore ski masks. “We were able to determine from the investigation that three people came in the SUV.”

The suspects also stole several small items from the garage.

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“We planned this trip because Bill and I had a rough season at The Real Housewives of New Jersey this year,” said Aydin. “And we filmed the reunion on Thursday and leaving, a celebration for ourselves to overcome it.”

Police found the car abandoned in Essex County Monday morning. However, the identities of the three have not been known yet.

“They could get it,” Aydin said. “My children are safe. My family is safe. “

Those with the information have been asked to call the Paramount Police Department at 201-262-3400.

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