Ezekiel Jackson (a / k / a Rycklon Stephens) Final ECW Champion, Winner

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About becoming the latest ECW Champion: “People always say, ‘Which side do you use?’ I think, if you are pessimistic, then I was a short-term champion. I think I can claim to be a one-time world champion. And for me, one of the poorest neighbors in the poorest countries in the world has come to live in America as a crazy kid and so far in the three most dangerous neighborhoods, to get a place in WWE, my There is one title or two titles from them, I have nothing to complain about. “

Intercontinental title win: “In the past. The IC Championship was the next thing. Once you drop it, we’ve seen it with Shawn. [Michaels]Brett [Hart], Like all these cats next level. So I’m good, cool, I’m ready to go. Then we got into this fight with Cody [Rhodes]. I’m fine, cool. We can probably reach SummerSlam. I got my SummerSlam match with Cody and I was ready for it anyway. Losing the SmackDown title before SummerSlam was really weird. I was, God, though, I really didn’t even get a SummerSlam match. I showed up and I didn’t know I was losing the title that night. I only learned from Cody. ‘So you’re dropping the title.’ All right. But again, they were making Cody. I thought, okay, calm down. Maybe I’m going to this level. I’m ready to go. It just falls off. I was just backstage. I was doing one [WWE] Superstars, and they forced me to dance NXT with Great Khali. We’ve got dark matches and a bunch of things like that. And they got to the point where the peak injury healed a bit, but the rotator cuff is all working. After making some offers for the Royal Rumble I realized that I was popping that rotator cuff. And then I see Mania season is coming and Mania. I was, okay, calm down, we can do it. Then switch that. I was just like that, I was in so much pain. “

What he learned from William Regal: “It simply came to our notice then. And it was. And I got it from him. I got it from Steve Kern. And whenever I get in the ring, my way of wrestling or performing is that I don’t want any of the audience to think they can take a step towards me. And that was when I approached it. So I threw everything away with as crazy intent as possible, but safely. And that’s one of the things I study. As such, I have really worked out how to hit and make sure we understand where we are. We understand it’s entertainment. But I want you to leave, like, ‘I don’t trust that guy. He really wants to tear my head off. ‘ You know what I mean? Yes. As a fan, I have, and that’s what I got from Regal. “

Release time by WWE: “You don’t know what’s going on. If someone comes up to me and says, ‘Hey, JK, that’s what we expect from you. And you’re not seeing it right now,’ I can turn it on, but if I don’t know Happening, I’ll show like, I’m coming back through the screen, you get one of these, great. I’m doing my job. But then I know you’re not doing that level. I’m not as intense as they wanted. I’m not so much. Some of the promos that were given to me were written for me when I was an IC champ, I was, buddy, I don’t use this term. [accent]. Two years ago, I think I finally read an email from Michael Hayes, and he left a lot to be desired for me. And I was like, okay, maybe I should have read this much earlier now. And from this advantage point, there were some things they probably expected that I wasn’t delivering. And I can sit down now and maybe watch a few of those matches because I was probably disappointed, because I was hoping, again, IC Champ, let’s keep going. And then, no, you know what I mean? So I’m pretty sure the mental screw job threw me off completely. “

Other topics include William Regal, Kozlov, his full ECW run, his WWE run, Vince McMahon, what he has been doing to date and much more.

Listen to “11/18 Pro Wrestling Boom Podcast with Jason Powell (Episode 136): Court Bower on MLW Restart, Epidemic Alert and much more.

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