Emily Andre ‘Frightened’ by Husband Peter for New Boys’ Adolescent Books

Emily Andre reveals that she feels ‘fear’ of putting herself there before a big new project.

The 33-year-old NHS doctor is set to publish a new book next month to help adolescents and children through adolescence.

Her book, Growing Up for Boys: Everything You Need to Know, is set for release in May, and before launch, Emily admits she’s nervous about her new venture.

The star has already written a book for young girls who are already going through adolescence, but she thinks it is important for boys to do the same because they too can have incredibly difficult times in their young life-changing times.

His latest writing is OK! Magazine column, Emily shared: “The response to the girls’ book was incredible and I was very happy.

Emily says she is feeling ‘scared’ before her latest project
The star has written another book on adolescence


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“It can be scary to put yourself out there and expose yourself to criticism.

“I was worried about what would happen if people didn’t like the book.

“It simply came to our notice then. But I couldn’t have expected a better response than this, so I’m going to get my fingers crossed for the boys book as well.

As Emily was writing and researching for her new book, she realized she needed a masculine perspective.

Emily called on her husband Peter for help with her new book


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And so, she enlisted the help of her husband, Peter, 47, who shared some insights about her own adolescent journey.

Emily shared: “I realized it was important to get a man’s perspective, so the one who helped me was Pitt.

“It simply came to our notice then.

Peter Andre and wife Emily Andre with their children Jr. and Princess


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“I hope the book will help guide a conversation, or start a conversation, so that the boys can ask about their concerns.

“In addition to the physical aspects, we also touch on psychological changes and encourage boys to talk when they are struggling with their emotional or mental health.”

Emily’s brand-new book is set for release next month.

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