Eat! Duchess Camilla has made rude remarks about Colin Firth’s wet shirt

Where is Mr. Darcy? When Duchess Camilla To find out more about the favorite author’s literary collection, I went to Jane Austen’s residence in England, where a certain Darcy-shaped presence was missing.

The director of the museum during the royal monastery Lizzie Dunford Featuring the “Jane Austen Undressed” exhibition dedicated to Regency Period Underwear, featuring iconic blouses Colin Firth Wear the 1995 adaptation Pride and superstition.

But he’s not in it, it’s a bit sad, “the Duchess of Cornwall, 74, joked while looking at the dress, according to footage from the royal family’s YouTube channel.

Dunford, for his part, added: “I know, it’s sad, and it’s not that damp.”

Camilla suggested that Jane Austen’s house team “give it a good spray” so that the shirt closely resembles the television scene where Firth, 61, dived into Lake during the BBC miniseries.

Duchess Camilla poses next to Colin Firth’s shirt in the BBC’s 1995 Pride and Prejudice adaptation.
Finbar Webster / WPA Pool / Shutterstock

“It’s a wonderful pattern, one of the reasons we wanted to show it is that the 1995 production was so transformative for people in love. Pride and prejudice“That scene, we’ve all seen it, everyone, and this production has brought a lot of people to Jane Austen, which is why it’s a significant work of art,” Dunford explained Wednesday.

During public appearances, Camilla toured the house, met with staff, and was surprised at the first edition of Austin. Pride and superstition And Emma Novel

“From Austin’s writing table to the famous Topaz Cross, inspired by Jane Austen’s home and some of the outstanding treasures in our collection, it’s a privilege to share with the Royal Highness. Mansfield ParkDunford wrote in a statement via the site’s website. “I was delighted to see his Royal Highness around the House because he is an avid reader and a supporter of literacy. Her Royal Highness Jane Austen’s small writing table, she was fascinated by the letters written here and the first editions of her novels. “

He continued: “It’s great to know that with her Royal Highness’ The Duchess of Cornwall’s reading room, we’re reaching out to new audiences and sharing Jane’s extraordinary life, work and legacy with the nation and indeed the world.”

Camilla – who is set to become the Queen’s Concert after her husband Prince Charles finally ascends the throne – is an avid reader, even launching her own “Duchess of Cornwall’s Reading Room” book club. Camilla gushed about earlier Pride and superstitionIts heroine Elizabeth Bennett – Fitzwilliam Darcy’s love interest – earlier this month.

“I have another heroine, Elizabeth Bennett, [over for a dinner party]Camilla explained during a meta-question with the author Daisy B. Monday, April 4th.[She’s] Just put on a good strong female street show, so to speak.

The What a girl wants The actor had previously starred in a television adaptation of Austin Pride and superstition As well as in 1995 Jennifer Ahel. However, Firth previously revealed that the lake view was never expected to occur.

“It simply came to our notice then. This moment was voted as the most memorable moment in some polls in the history of English television and it has never been more memorable. I never came out of the lake wearing a wet shirt, “Firth recalled during an appearance in April 2014. Tonight show starring Jimmy Fallon. “They have turned me into Ursula Andres coming to the Bond film. A stunt guy jumped into a … pond and then it seemed a bit damp to me. They took a plastic spritzer, ‘Oh, it looks like you’ve come to swim.’

He added: “We had some dialogue and no one had any plans for this or that and then it was singled out as a memorable moment. And then over time it became more memorable and the rest became less memorable. And Now, 20 years later, this is the only event and they have added a rise from the lake, which has never really happened. “

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