Drew Barrymore looks like a completely different person with waist-length hair

Drew Barrymore’s real beauty doesn’t get nearly enough credit for being one of the chameleons. She’s been a star all her life, and in about five decades, we’ve seen her with short blonde curls and thin eyebrows; Burning red shoulder-length straightening; The bronde ombré waves, and much more, look absolutely great in every repetition. But I have to admit, even if anyone pays close attention to Barrymore’s hairstyles and is directly, personally, influenced by them, I can’t say I did. Never Hair stylist Chris Appleton has seen her the way she looks this week.

Barrymore’s hairstyles of late are long, sometimes beach-looking, sometimes smooth brunette waves একটি a low-key, low-maintenance look that goes well with her fresh facial makeup and occasional bright, bold lips. Appleton is known for creating super glam, often extension-filled hairstyles for celebrities who favor more extraordinary beauty like Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez. He and. Barrymore may seem like an unlikely match, but the makeover she gave him with the help of legend Charlotte Tilbury on makeup duty is one for ages.

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In a video clip posted on Instagram and TikTok, we see Drew Barrymore next to Appleton and Tilbury in his office. Sweat dripping from Barrymore’s makeup-free and lip-sync, “Wait, I can do it better,” turning her hand over the lens, revealing a completely out of character but absolutely stunning look.

Barrymore’s long brown hair is a few feet long, reaching to her waist with either extensions or wigs. Her hair also looks light, covered in caramel highlights that look straight out of J.Lo’s playbook. True to Charlotte Tilbury’s signature shades, Barrymore’s lips, cheeks and lids are decorated in shades of pink, with juicy lashes in the corners of her eyes and strategic highlights.

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