Downing Street workers with more sets to follow ‘get first £ 50 participant fine’

Met police are investigating various incidents that took place throughout the lockdown (Photo: Rex / EPA)

The first of the £ 50 specific penalty notices was reportedly distributed via email to junior civilian employees.

It is alleged that the ambassador provided the information to Hussein.

Metropolitan Police said this week it would pay 20 fines as part of the first step, but declined to name the recipients.

Boris Johnson is not believed to be among them, and Downing Street has said it will confirm whether he or Cabinet Secretary Simon Case was given.

Boris Johnson himself told Liaison Committee MPs that he was “sure you will know” if he was fined.

This was apparently confirmed by Policing Minister Kit Malthaus, who insisted on a number of prominent figures, including the prime minister’s ‘probably’ announcement.

Boris Johnson
It is not believed that Boris Johnson provided a specific punishment (Photo: PA)

Labor leader Kier Sturmer has called for the prime minister’s wife, Carrie Johnson, to be named after being fined because it is “very important” that the country knows which senior members of the workers were involved.

Despite agreeing with the “general argument” that MPs’ families should not be scrutinized, he said Johnson was an exception.

“The situation of the prime minister’s wife is very different from breaking the rules made by the prime minister,” he said.

“I’m not so concerned about some of the junior members of the staff, but I’m concerned about those who made the rules in and around the PM and then let them break the rules in their own workplaces.”

The opposition leader said the fine on Partigate was evidence of “widespread crime and breach of rules” and that Johnson should be held accountable.

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