Downing Street Party: Reese Witherspoon has refused to apologize for the call

Jacob Rees-Mug refuses to apologize for calling the Downing Street Partigate scandal “fluff” and “fundamentally trivial.”

In response to a question from callers on LBC, the Brexit minister said that the Partigate was “not the most important issue in the world” as the war in Ukraine continued.

Mr. Reese-Mug At that time he also said some rules regarding coronavirus Partigate scandal Was “inhuman”.

Last month, Mr. Rees-Mug fired Rows on teams during lockdown across Downing Street and Whitehall As trivial “fluff”.

Mr Rees-Mug said his comments were “completely reasonable”.

‘Inconsistent Fluff of Politics’

Speaking Conservative spring conference in Blackpool Last month, Minister of Brexit Said Ukraine war Showed that Partigate is not fundamentally a serious problem.

“It’s a reminder that the world has serious, serious issues for politicians to discuss and make serious decisions about,” he said during a live recording of his Mugcast podcast.

“Whether it’s about reopening and licensing oil wells in the North Sea or moving away from the ‘awakening’ that surrounds large sections of society, no one cares now whether the word ‘grip’ is being used. To annoy people.

“It simply came to our notice then PartigateAll of this has been shown for the inconsistent fluency of politics that it is not of fundamental importance to world security and the established world order. “

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‘My MPs apologize, not resign’

‘Completely reasonable’ comment

Asked if he would apologize for his comments, Mr Rees-Mug said: “No, I’m not going to do that.

“What I’m going to do is try and make it relevant.

“We have a war going on in Ukraine, we are being brutalized, we have a picture that shows a lot of brutality. Putin Army

“And what I’m saying is that in the context of what is happening, not just with Ukraine, but with the crisis of life, this is not the most important thing in the world.

“After saying that, the people must obey the law.”

Mr Rees-Mug added that his words were “completely reasonable”.

“I think these words are completely reasonable in light of what is happening in Ukraine,” he said.

“I do not think so.

“What I think is fundamental is what we want to see [COVID-19] Find out how the rules were made and how they worked, because I think some of those rules were inhumane. “

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Police first imposed Partigate fines

PM ‘did not confuse parliament’

Cabinet Minister Boris Johnson also denied allegations that he misled parliament about violating party gate rules.

He acknowledged that people had “undeniably crossed” but stressed that Mr Johnson had not misled Parliament, suggesting that the Prime Minister had been given “incorrect information”.

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“The prime minister has said that he was told that the rules were followed, but this is not correct and we know that fines have been imposed now, but the prime minister can only act on the information given to him.”

“If the prime minister has been misinformed and given that information, he has not deliberately tried to mislead.”

Asked if the prime minister should resign if a specific punishment notice is issued by the metropolitan police, Mr Rees-Mug added: “I’m not going to answer speculative questions.”

His remarks came as another cabinet minister told Sky News that “now is not the time.”Self-contained leadership competitionIf Mr. Johnson is fined at Partigate.

Ukraine’s war has focused on the issue of lockdown violations on Downing Street, but metropolitan police returned to the headlines last week. Specific penalty notices began to be issued.

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First fine for partygate

Asked if the prime minister should resign if fined, Welsh Secretary Simon Hart told Sky News he thought the world had “gone too far”.

He said most of his MPs “apologized, but did not resign”.

His comments came as it emerged that Met had imposed a fine in this regard The Downing Street incident Held the night before Duke of EdinburghThe funeral was held last year.

Last week, Scotland Yard issued 20 specific penalty notices to those who attended Lockdown-breaking Downing Street and Whitehall Party.

The Daily Telegraph reports that one of them is Helen McNamara, a former head of government ethics.

The newspaper reported that Mrs. McNamara received a শুক্রবার 50 fine on Friday for leaving the Cabinet Office on the occasion of the departure of a private secretary on June 18, 2020.

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