Discovery Education offers new resources for the month of financial literacy

Silver Spring, MD (Monday, April 3, 2022) – Discovery Education: The global Adtech leader whose sophisticated digital platform supports learning wherever possible – is offering many dynamic digital resources to educators, students and families focusing on financial literacy months and beyond.

Held in April each year, Financial Literacy Month is founded by the National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE) and produced by the Jump ার্ট Tart Coalition. To support financial literacy wherever education takes place, Discovery Education presents a comprehensive collection of resources focusing on financial literacy created in collaboration with leading social impact partners:

Classroom activity
Help students integrate concepts of economics with current events and everyday life with timely activities, videos, interactive modules and much more. From price discovery to supply chain dynamics, from resources Econ Essential, An educational initiative with Future Fundamentals, examines real-world applications of complex market issues. Students will explore how changes in supply and demand curves affect prices, while a new topic discusses activity, how businesses respond, and how to reduce the risks of price fluctuations due to supply chain disruption.

Vocational education
In this on-demand series, educators have heard directly that the benefits of financial education are available to both students and their teachers. Presented by Discovery and Discovery Education The path to financial success Initiative, this series gives rise to ideas, engages educators and facilitates instant conversations with administrators about the need for financial education.

Community competition
Encourage community collaboration with the 6th Annual Cha-Ching Money Smart Kids Competition, created with the Jackson Charitable Foundation. The competition enables communities to vote for a প্রাথমিক 10,000 win for their elementary school that could be used for critical education resources that teach children how to earn, save, spend, and donate. The competition will be open until June 17, 2022, and communities can find more resources for elementary students at

Gamifi Learning
In partnership with business-building video game Venture Valley, Discover Venture Valley Gives students the ability to create financial and business fundamentals. Students in grades 6-12 can benefit from the power of play as they engage in play and a suite of value-added resources for learning policies such as investment / dividend, fixed and variable expenses, debt, net vs. gross income, and more. Subject of the curriculum.

Learning from leaders in basketball
The NBA, WNBA, and Discovery Education have teamed up to create the NBA and WNBA Game Changer – a suite of dynamic, action-packed standard-lined resources that focus on civic engagement that helps students explore the world through the excitement of basketball. Each monthly episode features significant current or former NBA or WNBA players, coaches or team owners and their personal stories about how they used their voices for positive change. As students work through the curriculum activities, they are reminded of their skills, talents and experiences that they can use to better their community and support others. The April content focuses on financial literacy.

“I love supporting teachers when they include financial literacy activities in the lessons because I know it not only helps students learn about critical issues, it also helps strengthen their ability to make smart financial decisions in the future,” said Michelle Wendt of Stockton University. Integration specialist at the School of Education. “With the help of these resources and much more from Discovery Education and their partners, fair access to these critical skills can be extended to all children, wherever they are learning.”

Teachers and students can find more resources on the Discovery Education K-12 learning platform. Connecting educators with a vast collection of high-quality, quality-lined content, ready-to-use digital lessons, intuitive quiz and activity creation tools, and professional learning resources, Discovery Education provides educators with a state-of-the-art learning platform that allows them to be engaging every day. Instruction in any learning environment.

“The more students learn about finance from an early age, the more they will be able to manage money. That’s why we’ve partnered with the Singleton Foundation, Discover, Future Fundamentals, Jackson Charitable Foundation, WNBA and NBA to bring financial literacy lessons directly to students wherever they are, regardless of where they are taught, “said Beth Meyer, vice president at Discovery Education. Social impact.

For more information on Discovery Education’s digital resources and professional education services, visit and stay connected with Discovery Education via social media.Twitter And LinkedIn.

Discovery is about education
Discovery Education is a world leader in providing quality-aligned digital curriculum, engaging content and professional education for K-12 classrooms. Through its award-winning digital textbooks, multimedia resources, and the largest professional education network of its kind, Discovery Education is transforming learning and learning, creating immersive STEM experiences, and improving academic achievement worldwide. Discovery Education currently serves approximately 4.5 million educators and 45 million students worldwide, and its resources are accessed in more than 100 countries and territories. Global Media Company Discovery, Inc. Inspired by, Discovery Education partners with district, state, and like-minded institutions to create customized solutions that support the success of all students. Discover the future of education at

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