Diego Maradona’s ‘Hand of God’ shirt is up for auction for the first time and may be on sale.

Diego Maradona scored his unforgettable “Hand of God” goal in the World Cup quarter-finals. England 36 years ago. Now, the shirt he wore at the time of the headline – or, as England fans remember, punched – the ball went through the net to end up for sale.

Sotheby’s has announced that the shirt will be available for bidding through online auctions from April 20 to May 4, and the auction house expects the same item to sell for more than মিল 4 million – the equivalent of $ 5.2 million. The shirt will be on display at Sotheby’s in London during the bidding.

Maradona scored both goals in the aforementioned England game in Mexico City on June 22, 1986. Argentina Lead his team to a World Cup victory before winning 2-1. In addition to the obvious World Cup impact of the game, there was widespread political conspiracy, as countries fought for control of the Falkland Islands four years ago.

Maradona’s first goal immediately sparked controversy. It was ruled by a header, but the video showed the ball hitting his hand before entering the net. Maradona later said the goal was “a little with Maradona’s head and a little with God’s hand.”

After the game, England midfielder Steve Hodge got Maradona’s shirt exchanged and he never sold it. Hodge, however, lent it to the National Football Museum in Manchester, England, where it has been for the past 20 years.

The “Hand of God” shirt is going to auction for the first time, Hodge “sure” it will go right.

“It’s a privilege to play against one of the greatest and greatest football players of all time,” Hodge said in a statement. “It’s also a pleasure to share with the public at the National Football Museum for the last 20 years, where it’s on display. The Hand of God shirt has a deep cultural meaning to the football world, the people of Argentina and the people of England and I am sure the new owner will have a lot of money. Pride He owns the most iconic football shirt in the world. “

Although the shirt is much more familiar than the “Hand of God” target. Maradona’s second goal against England, which saw him run across the defense with 11 touchdowns in 11 seconds, was considered the “best goal of the century” in a 2002 FIFA poll.

This is another reason why Brahma Watchter, head of Sotheby’s Streetwear and Modern Collection, says the shirt is “on a short list of the world’s most important sports memorabilia items.”

The “Hand of God” shirt has the potential to be the most expensive game-warn shirt of all time. The Current The record belongs to a New York Yankees road jersey worn by Babe Ruth, which sold for $ 5.64 million in 2019.

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