‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’ is 15 kid-recommended books for fans

Greg Hefley and his friends have created highly related and ridiculous antiques A Wimpy Kid’s Diary The series is extremely popular and has inspired many, many hours of reading for young readers around the world. Although there are 22 books (and counting), what would a kid read with this popular Uber series?

There are 15 books here A Wimpy Kid’s Diary Inspired by the same humor, creativity, and hesitant reading, it is highly recommended by reviewers on the “Goodreads for Kids” platform at Bukopolis, where young readers share book reviews and recommendations with classmates.

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Books like Wimpy Kid’s Diary

1. Lincoln Pierce’s Big Net

Sixth-grade Net Wright (aka, King of Detention) truly believes that he is destined for greatness, but things do not always work out his plan. This very popular comic series provides the charm and wit of “old-school” comic strips like Calvin and Hobbes.

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2. Liz Pitchen’s Tom Gates’s Brilliant World

Books like The Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Brilliant World of Tom Gates

Readers will laugh out loud as they enjoy the daily drama for school survival, the highly illustrated diary entries by middle school student Tom Gates about his annoying sister and his embarrassing father.

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3. Rachel Renee Russell’s Dork Diary

Books like Wimpy Kid's Diary: Dork Diary

Young readers everywhere are concerned with the dramatic (and humorous) ups and downs that eighth-grader Nicki Maxwell recorded in her diary as she navigated to a new high school.

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4. El Defo by Cece Bell

Books like Dimpy Kid's Diary: El Defoe

The author’s real-life experience of hearing loss and hearing loss in elementary school is recounted with humor, charm and heart in this Newberry Honor-winning graphic novel.

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5. Hilo by Jude Winnick

Wimpy Kid's Diary: Books Like Hilo

This comedy and action-packed series describes what happens when Hilo falls from the sky and the Earthling kids team up with DJ and Gina. These books are woven into the theme of smooth school-based adventure and friendship with the elements of imagination.

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6. The Last Kids on Earth Max Brailer

Books like Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Last Kids on Earth

In this graphic novel series, Monster Apocalypse meets the humor of a group of ordinary child heroes who must defeat zombies and other scary creatures. The clever writing, the nice imagery, and the arc of the story of the journey of a perfect hero make it a favorite of Bukopolis.

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7. Rachel Renee Russell’s The Misadventures of Max Crumble

Max Crumble's Misadventure

This Dork Diaries spin-off series delivers high quality smiles as readers follow Max’s accident with bullies, teachers and friends in middle school.

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8. Dangerous story of Nathan Hale

Dangerous story of Nathan Hale

The series incredibly connects history with both famous and lesser-known graphic novels of important historical events, such as the experience of a spy during the Revolutionary War and the story behind the helmet worn during World War II.

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9. Phoebe and Har Unicorn by Dana Simpson

A Wimpy Kid's Diary: Books like Phobie and Har Unicorn

What happens when you accidentally hit a magical unicorn with a rock and a wish is granted? Follow the crazy and fun adventures of nine year old Phoebe to find out. The clever writing, the original plot and the fantastic drawing make it a favorite of the fans.

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10. Sister of Raina Telgemier

Books like Dimpy Kid's Diary: Sister

In one of the most popular books by Bukopolis, readers are drawn to the author’s own humorous experience through family road trips with his annoying little sister. Raina’s other graphic novels are equally favorite.

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11. Spy School of Stuart Gibbs

Spy School Graphic Novel

Dangerous, adventurous, and hilarious, the series blends perfectly with super-nerd Ben Ripley’s junior CIA agent. This compelling series is now available as a graphic novel.

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12. Strange case of Tom Engelberger’s Origami Yoda

Strange case of origami ioda

Star Wars fans get so much love in this fantastic fun and sweet series that a group of kids navigate the sixth grade cycle and drama. As an added bonus, this book has inspired many kids to learn origami!

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13. Tapper Twins Go to War (with each other) by Geoff Rodkey

Go to the Battle of the Tapper Twins

Called a “oral history” that combines text messages, photos and screenshots, this hilarious account of Claudia and Reese’s sibling prank fight is the first in a much-loved series.

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14. The Terrible Two by Mac Burnett and Jory John

Terrible two

In a boring city, two school pranksters must decide whether two popular children from enlightened writers and illustrators will join or fight in this hilarious story. The middle-grade version of this book has strength and appeal Day off of Ferris Bueller.

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15. Timmy Failure: Mistaken by Stephen Pastis

Timmy Failure: Wrong

Surrounded by an unknown but loving young detective and his best friend and business partner (who could be a polar bear) this big-hearted series is full of ridiculous antiques, mysteries and adventures.

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