Diane Buswell serves as a judge on the Aussie edition of Strictly Come Dancing

Strictly Come Dancing’s Diane Buswell has teased about returning to the version of her Australian show, but as a judge.

The professional ballroom dancer, 32, hopes her potential position as a judge on the series will help her secure a place on the UK’s judging panel.

Diane also revealed that she was inspired by former co-star Otti Mabus – who she described as “absolutely incredible”.

The red-haired Aussie beauty talks about how the British people like her and how it would be a dream for her to be a judge on the BBC1 family show.

Diane told MailOnline: “One of the things that comes with dancing here is that I appreciate the art form that people in the UK enjoy.

Diane Baswell has teased that she is joining the Australian version as a judge



“Ballroom dancing is a really big thing here. It’s in Australia too but I mean … there’s no place as big as Dancing with the Stars Over, for example.

“It has always been my dream to come here. I did my first dose in Australia, it really made me fall in love with TV. “

He added: “I love dancing so maybe I’m going back there … I mean I want to be a judge on the show. I want to do it, but we’ll see. You never know what’s going on around the corner.”

Diane says she’s willing to take the “baby step” and start with a role in the Aussie version, to see what happens in the future.

She is a professional ballroom dancer


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Strictly, the dancer has a surprise for OT – who recently judged The Muscat Dancer and ITV’s Dancing on Ice.

Diane concludes: “I think it’s incredible and she really goes for it. She’s a real inspiration and I would definitely like to be enterprising and do different things.”

The TV star, who is in a relationship with Joe Sug, seems to have plans to start a family with her in the future.

She is the judge of Mabus Dancing on Ice



Last year, they took a huge step to buy a home together.

Speaking to Women’s Health, she said: “I would love to have a family one day, and I know Joe will love a family ৷ that will be our dream one day.”

At the moment, the couple has no plans to tie the knot.

But they have gone from strength to strength over the years.

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