David Ginola says Newcastle need to be ‘reshaped from scratch’ after 5-1

David Ginola believes the current Newcastle team needs to be “reshaped from scratch”, stressing that his former team needs more spirit and creativity after their 5-1 defeat at Tottenham.

Newcastle took the lead in north London on Sunday before the Spurs rioted for a place in the top four and their opponents faced a third consecutive Premier League defeat.

Under head coach Eddie Howe, Magpies has improved significantly and is still nine points above his exile, but Ginola – who made 76 appearances for the club from 1995 to 1997 – feels they need to rethink their strategy.

“I was not disappointed with the results, I saw the response. I think the team needs to be rebuilt from scratch because strategically they try to copy another team without the quality you need, “he said. Sky Sports Studio on Super Sunday.

The team needs to be redesigned, not with the same players.

“We need to find a way for Newcastle to use their spirit and believe in what they do. From what we saw there when they lost the ball, everyone was doing the same thing. I think they need to have their own way of playing football.

“We need to put more emphasis on their creativity. There is no creativity and there needs to be more soul.

“With the entertainers, Kevin Keegan didn’t tell us to do more. Tactically it wasn’t huge, it was’ OK David, I want you to do it, you better do it. I don’t want you to save me because I want you to be there. ‘ That’s very simple. Don’t tell anyone to do something they can’t.

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Free to watch: Highlights of Tottenham’s win over Newcastle in the Premier League

“If I saw a game where I worked for the club – conceding five goals after scoring – do you think it’s professional?

“The project will start later this season and it will take five or six years to build a club from scratch.

“When I talk about building a team from scratch, it’s not getting out of everyone’s hands, it’s just to reconsider the whole thing because if you think about the entertainers, they were just players who really enjoyed being together. They really enjoyed playing together and spending time together. The dressing room is important to me. You have to build a family and a football club is a family. “

Howe: We chased the game 2-1, the next three games are huge

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Newcastle boss Eddie Howe has acknowledged that their 5-1 defeat to Tottenham could be a “good thing” for the club and give them a chance to “restructure their thinking”.

In contrast, Newcastle boss Eddie Howe insisted his team did well until Ben Davis equalized – and said the reason for the fall in the second half was the team’s fall when they trailed 2-1 instead of lacking in quality. On their behalf

“We had a very good performance until the moment Fabian scored. I was extremely disappointed to go 1-1. Take some nervous moments at the beginning. I thought we would control them, “he said.

“The main goal is the second goal – from our point of view, the method, we have to feel our way in the second half. Then we chased the game very aggressively and played in a way that we shouldn’t have done. We were much more open but wanted to chase the game.

“We expanded, took risks with the ball and then got punished by a top level team. Some of the goals they scored in the transition were very good. We didn’t manage that part of the game at all. “

While Newcastle still have reasonable cushions in the relegation zone, Howe said their next three games, at the home of Wolves, Leicester and Crystal Palace, could be crucial to their hopes of survival.

He called on Newcastle fans to turn those home games into big events and show their support for them.

“This is a huge time coming for us,” he said. “We know that the races we’ve just got out of these racing games have been tough for us, games far away, and we’re happy to be back where we were in good form.

“Our crowd and the stadium need to unite to create as intense an environment as possible for our opponents. This is going to be a huge spell that will go a long way in determining our fate this season.

“It simply came to our notice then. We have to fight and fight for every point. We have to use today’s pain in our next games and shake the stadium. “

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