Danny Garcia, chairman of the XFL, issued a statement about the new logo and the future –

XFL Chairman Danny Garcia has sent the following statement regarding the reboot of XFL, which will be held in 2023. As we reported earlier on eWn, the company today announced the league’s new logo and gear.

Garcia’s statement reads as follows,

“XFL fans,

Realizing dreams has always been my business.

As the chairwoman of XFL, fulfilling my dream is my promise.

My partners Dwayne Johnson, Gary Cardinal and I are building a league that will define the future of professional sports – through innovation, inclusion and a forward-looking approach.

This new XFL is creating a way to make dreams come true which makes football possible We are giving players new opportunities to become professionals, and to create their own brand and future outside of the game. We are providing new platforms for partners to create. And to you, the fans – more cities to gather behind and many more ways to rejoice in your fandom.

XFL is a league of culture, passion and purpose. It’s a league for everyone.

I invite you to be a part of this dream. We start today. ”

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