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Hello and thank you if you are a regular reader. Welcome if you are new to my daily publication …
Publishing this post on a daily basis helps me avoid confusion and sets my focus now in line with the marketplace.
Knowing you read me holds me accountable and forces me to be objective in my analysis which contributes to my own trading passion and temptation.
This selfish moment can also serve you well, because my searches can guide you to a better understanding of the markets, or you can only act as a second opinion after performing your own analysis.

The rationale for my analysis is detailed in the chart so you don’t have to look up and down.

Below you will find the results of my process applied to four other relevant markets that I always check before I trade.

Good trade!

Oil: NYMEX: CL1!

1️⃣ Market climate

🎯Current: Down

িশSure: Yes

িসStats: 9 out of 5.85

2️⃣ Buy and sell UFOs

বিক্রি Sell UFO: 105.59-99.88

ুন Buy UFO: 80.47-77.83

3️⃣ Option IV: 54.23%

নিকDaily expected transfers: ± 3.31

Weekly expected transfers: ± 7.29

Monthly Expected Transfer: ± 15.17

Gold: COMEX: GC1!

1️⃣ Market climate

মানCurrent: UP

িশSure: Yes

🎯Stats: 1 in 6.16

2️⃣ Buy and sell UFOs

বিক্রি Sell UFO: 2015.1-1960.6

🛸 Buy UFO: 1815.8-1788.5

3️⃣ Option IV: 18.43%

নিকDaily expected transfer: ± 22.48

াপ্তWeekly expected transfer: ± 49.50

Monthly Expected Transfer: ± 103.04

Dollars: ICEUS: DX1!

1️⃣ Market climate

মানCurrent: UP

িশSure: Yes

🎯Stats: 5 out of 4.76

2️⃣ Buy and sell UFOs

বিক্রি Sell UFO: 100.605-100.095

🛸 Buy UFO: 97.850-97.295

3️⃣ Option IV: 9.11%

শDaily expected transfer: ± 0.57

🚀Weekly expected transfers: ± 1.26

Monthly Expected Transfer: ± 2.63

Bitcoin: ICEUS: BTM1!

1️⃣ Market climate

🎯Current: Down

িশSure: No.

Statistics: 2 of –

2️⃣ Buy and sell UFOs

বিক্রি Sell UFO: 47317.5-44345.0

🛸 Buy UFO: 42705.0-41832.5

3️⃣ Option IV: 61.76%

নিকDaily expected transfer: ± 1701.03

🚀Weekly expected transfer: ± 3744.64

Monthly Expected Transfer: ± 7795.10

I believe now you know why UFO And 3D is part of my name …

Feel free to text me and share more about your trading style if you are most attracted to that UFO.

* This daily post is not intended to be used as financial advice

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