Connor Gallery shines for Crystal Palace and England but Patrick Vieira

Patrick Vieira knew Connor Gallagher was good. But no This Good.

The 22-year-old’s chances were clear when he moved from Chelsea to Selhurst Park in July, but his season in south London – the season in which he became the Crystal Palace amulet and England’s senior international – exceeded expectations.

“He surprised me with his finishing, he surprised me with his strength, he surprised me with the way he got into the box at the right time to score,” said Vieira. Sky Sports.

Gallagher has scored eight of them so far – as much as he has combined his previous three loan spells – and has registered more direct goals (11) than any other player in the palace.

Connor has scored eight goals and three assists for Gallagher Palace

He was their outstanding performer in the Premier League, keeping them within the reach of their all-time highs, and although he was ineligible to face parent club Chelsea in the upcoming FA Cup semifinals, he was the key to their progress. In front too

Take his performance in last month’s quarter finals.

Gallagher beat Everton in midfield that day and while he was not among the Palace scorers, his influence was evident in two of their four goals. After dropping Michael Owlis before the opener, he took the initial shot that allowed Will Hughes to add a fourth.

It was Gallagher’s motto that, even after 87 minutes had elapsed and Palace leading by three goals, he had the strength and desire to fill Odson Edward’s pass at the edge of Everton’s box from within his own half and force the save that fell. Hughes

Gallagher is extremely influential on the right in Crystal Palace’s Midfield Three

Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online.

“He’s a team player and that’s what I really like about him,” Frenchman added. “He sacrifices himself on the field for the team. “I’m glad he’s been praised for the goals he’s making, but he’s good for the team.”

His performance in Crystal Palace’s goalless draw with Manchester City, six days before the 4-0 win over Everton, further illustrates Gallagher’s appetite for self-sacrifice.

That night, Vieira’s team registered only 26 percent of possession, Gallagher recorded fewer touches (39) than any other Premier League match this season, and yet he relentlessly rushed one kilometer ahead of any of his team-mates and contributed immensely to the result. .

“I can’t feel my legs,” he said Sky Sports Later with a smile

Covered 12.3km against City of Gallagher, the most by any Palace player throughout the season, but such hard-working performance is not uncommon for him. In fact, during the campaign he crossed the 12km mark in four separate events.

“The boss wants to pressure me,” Gallagher added.

In fact, in addition to what he gave to the palace in the offensive sense, Gallagher also won more possession than his teammates in the middle third, where only Wilfred Jaha won it in the final third.

Gallagher showed the same appetite in the first England start against Switzerland last Saturday, his all-round performance winning him the man-of-the-match award. “She’s contagious, isn’t she?” Gareth Southgate later said. “I think he can set the tone for the rest of the team.”

If Gallagher has any criticism, it is that he sometimes tries to do too much, which allows Vieira to click on his finger in search of English words. Channel – Towards the direction.

“I think one of the areas he can improve on is his strength,” said Vieira, who has previously compared Gallagher to his former Arsenal team-mate Ray Parlor but to Chelsea’s legendary Frank Lampard’s scoring ability.

Watford, England - February 23: Jean-Philippe Mateta celebrates with Crystal Palace team-mate Connor Gallagher on February 23 after their team's first goal in a Premier League match between Watford and Crystal Palace on Vicarage Road in Watford, England.  (Photo: Eddie Keog / Getty Images)
Connor has scored eight Premier League goals for Gallagher’s Crystal Palace

“He’s got so much energy, so much energy, so much dynamism, but it’s about finding the right time to use his energy,” he added.

“Sometimes, I would say, he’s doing things that he shouldn’t be doing, when he should keep his strength for the right moment.”

However, it presented a dilemma in itself and Vieira was aware that Gallagher would not be prevented from playing his normal game.

“At the same time, you don’t want to take those qualities away from him because of the options he gives you as a manager,” Vieira said.

“He is incredible, and so is he in life. He gives everything in his relationship with his teammates and plays the way he is in his life.

Vieira believes Gallagher will learn to refine his game over time – “he will get it with experience,” he added – and although it is not yet clear what his future holds for him this season, Is It is clear that its debt so far – with Charlton, Swansea and West Brom before the palace – has been extremely beneficial to its development.

Gallagher was named Man of the Match against Switzerland
Gallagher was named Man of the Match against Switzerland

“For a young player at this age, with that talent, I firmly believe that loans helped him to develop himself faster,” said Vieira.

“I firmly believe that if he did not have this debt, he would not be the player he is now.

“You have to play games to get young players like him to the next level. Wherever he went, he did. “

He also did it in the palace. Gallagher’s performance has led some Chelsea fans to question his decision to send him on loan but only Tyrick Mitchell and Mark Guihi have played more Premier League minutes for the Palace this season and his England success is proof of his improvement.

His rise puts lessons for young players in the importance of experience and exposure. Crystal Palace may not enjoy him for long as he is nearing the end of his debt spell. But Gallagher’s sheer apathy has already taken root in the hearts of their supporters – and their directors.

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