Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo has tested positive for Covid after attending

Commerce Secretary Gina Raymondo tested positive for Covid on Wednesday, making him the latest official to catch the virus after attending a gorgeous DC dinner filled with politicians and journalists.

The Department of Commerce said in a statement that “Raymondo tested positive for antigen at home after experiencing mild symptoms.” The statement said he had been fully vaccinated and his office had begun searching for contact. Raymondo will be isolated for five days and will work from home, Commerce said.

President Joe Biden, who has managed to avoid Covid after testing several close associates, is not considered a close associate of Raymondo, a trade spokesman told CNBC. Spokesman Raymondo declined to discuss where the virus could be transmitted.

Four days ago, Raymondo and hundreds of others attended a traditional gathering for DC VIPs, the Gridiron Club and Foundation Dinner at the four-star Renaissance Hotel in downtown Washington. The Gridiron Dinner, usually an annual event, was held on Saturday night for the first time since the coronavirus epidemic began in 2020.

At dinner, prominent politicians, including the US president, usually make sarcastic jokes aimed at other lawmakers and the media. Republican New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu made headlines for his speech, in which he called former President Donald Trump “f—— crazy.”

“I don’t think he’s crazy enough to keep you in the mental state. But I don’t think he would have been out if he had been in one! ” It is known that Dr. Sunu.

Biden reportedly did not attend the dinner, but sent a video with some light comments.

In the days following the dinner, several politicians who were allegedly present announced the positive Covid test.

D-Texas representative Joaquin Castro said Tuesday that he had tested positive and was feeling mild symptoms.

Republican Adam Schiff, D-Calif, released his own positive test Tuesday night, adding, “I’m feeling better, and I’m grateful for the vaccination and encouragement.”

Politico reported Wednesday morning that several journalists attending the event have since tested positive for the virus. Gridiron Club did not immediately respond to CNBC’s request for comment.

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