Colin Jost jokes about ‘protecting’ his wife Scarlett Johansson after the Oscars

Colin Jost and Michael Che are back at the ‘Weekend Update’ desk.

Two weeks after the news, the ‘Weekend Update’ host Colin Joast And Michael Che Their work was completed for them in the April 2 episode of ‘Saturday Night Live’. Digging into the past few weeks, Colin and Michael Putin have come up with the joyous jabs of their signature brand in the most notable moments from the latest move to the Oscar slap. They even got a visit Oz Simpson To comment on the next situation, play by a pitch-perfect Kenan Thompson.

Colin Joast joked about “protecting” his wife Scarlett Johansson on a future awards show after Will Smith’s Oscar slap. (NBC)

Colin and Michael did not shy away from the first news they had, but when they finally got back they were overjoyed, immediately making a joke comparing them to Ukraine. Will SmithThe now infamous slap at the Oscars. Colin couldn’t help but smile a bit as he joked that Will’s behavior “set a terrible precedent for protecting your wife on the awards show.” Colin is regularly married on the red-carpet Scarlett Johansson, And was clearly referring to himself. Colin concludes: “I think we should all come to the conclusion that this is one of the craziest things we’ve ever seen in our lives.”

Without a few guest appearances it wouldn’t be a ‘weekend update’ and this week’s episode was definitely not lacking. The desk first got a look after Colin and Michael raised the issue of judges Ketanji Brown JacksonRecent confirmation hearing for the Supreme Court. Sicily Strong As Marsha Blackburn Appeared with his best “hu-man” accent.

In a promo for an episode shared on SNL Verified Instagram, Jarrod and the musical guest (and associate SNL) first timer Guna. This pair is joined by cast members Heidi Gardner, Those who loudly called Guna “Guna Gona” urged the two to make their “A-game” a (spoiler alert) a success. “It happened,” Heidi joked excitedly as he uttered the tempting phrase, showing off his enviable ab muscle in a cropped collar shirt with a black bodice. “We will live forever.”

Before tonight’s episode, SNL was on break for two weeks, later Joe Kravitz And Rosalia Participated in the March 12 show. All seasons are aimed at ‘weekend updates’ and were especially quick to condemn the war in Ukraine. Episode 27, hosted by February John MulaniColin and Michael A have created multiple jabs Vladimir Putin And his behavior. Colin was even able to jump on their own parent network, comparing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine with the NBC broadcast of the Winter Olympics, as far as this is a “big mistake.”

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