Coi Leray looks set to become the ultimate ‘trendsetter’ with her debut album

Koi Lere Each day of the week is usually energetic – but on this day, during her 32-minute long conversation with him Billboards, His power is at another level. After her electric single “Blick Blick” with hip-hop icon Nicki Minaj was announced in March, her excitement was uncontrollable, as she later revealed plans to tattoo her Barbie in honor of her collaboration. Pink Friday rapper


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Coi Leray looks set to become the ultimate 'trendsetter' with her debut album

See the latest videos, charts and news

“He’s so sweet! He’s a real businessman, and it’s very inspiring. He’s not too rude; he’s calm, sweet and patient,” says Lere. Billboards. “It is a blessing for an artist like me to have someone like him in my corner. It shows that he trusts me, which gives me a goose bump. “

Leray’s trajectory in the music industry comes as no surprise to anyone – especially with his unparalleled determination on the creative front. The recording artist of New Jersey descent is quickly proving all his Nassires wrong: he worked before Billboards A was rookie in April last year XXL Freshman traveled with Lil Baby and Lil Dark and dropped any conversations about his hot 100 hits “No More Party”, “Big Pur” and most recently “TickTuck Rapper” with “Blick Blick”.

Now, the stage is set for something even bigger for Lerey, as his debut album, Trendsetter (Excluded via Republic Records (April 8) shows its fast-growing stardom cemented. While he has a lot of support on the 20-track album, featuring Fevio Foreign, Polo G, HER, Young Blue, and more, Coye’s trademark sound shines brightly throughout the project.

“I’m a little worried, I’ll be honest, but I’m excited because I know the work I’ve been doing for these three years is amazing,” he says. “Everything from features to production is on point. The amount of time I’ve taken, and the many trials and tribulations that have helped me to make this story, will be great, and I can’t wait to get it down. “

Down, Billboards Talk to Coi Leray about TrendsetterRevealing, becoming a social media force and much more.

This past year has been full of life-changing moments for you. Why do you think now is the right time to drop your project?

I don’t think God makes any mistakes. I think this is a perfect time, of course. Because at other times I thought it was an ideal time, and it wasn’t – because, as you can see, I landed a feature with one of the world’s leading artists. Man, thank God I was waiting!

Trendsetter Covers various topics including love, loyalty and success. Where do you draw most of your inspiration?

I draw a lot from my personal life. Everything I write is through experience. If it is not through experience, then it is something that has gone through someone very close to me. For example, I have a song called “Far Away” with one of my brothers. I wrote the song a while ago about the difficult situation he was going through.

You already have RIAA certification plaques for “No More Party,” “Big Pur,” and “Twinname.” Do you believe any song will be shot Billboards Charts and Gold or Platinum?

I think “extra thinking” would be super big with its features. I love him – and I don’t have many albums on my phone, but his latest album Back of my mind My favorite one. I think we’re going to live on the Billboard R & B / Hip-Hop chart. I think it could go to No.1. Also, with my song “Klingi” No. R&B vibes which I think will be fantastic. It’s so hard to choose because I have so many favorites. After all, I’m excited for “Mission Impossible” because it’s on fire, and I’m the first woman to have a song composed by Chief Kiev. So much fire on that track!

You have the features of A Boogie Wit da Hoodie, Fivio Foreign, Lil Tecca, and Young MA Trendsetter. Was it essential to work with artists from the tri-state region?

Hell yes! I always wanted New York in my hands. I am a huge fan of every NY artist in my project. I know all their songs. There’s nothing like the support system in New York music and I’m excited to be a part of it.

What are your goals for this project and your career as a whole?

Honestly, my goal for this project is to show my versatility and give a refresh on their music. I saw a clip the other day, and they mentioned that hip-hop is a competitive sport. There’s a lot of competition in this industry – and one thing I know for sure, I’m determined, and I’ve come up with something out of the ordinary. I mean every way when it comes to music, because that’s the most important thing. Also, I inspire young girls with everything I do outside of music.

Excluding this album will show that I am a real artist. Whether it’s a dead crowd video or a prize nomination, whatever has happened in the past, it will all be a part of my story. I look forward to being one of the most prominent female artists in the world. Over time, I can stay on top with Nicki Minaj.

Your fans are tapped into everything you do as a social media sensation. Why would you naturally grab everyone’s attention with a simple post?

One of the things my mother always told me was that God is biased. So if you do good to him and praise him and pay attention to him, he will never ignore it. I have “God’s gift” written on it, because that is what I am. I am the one who works naturally. I believe so strongly and express what I want in life. I don’t try hard to get people’s attention and it happens naturally.

People don’t realize that I am a human being first and have true passion. I can’t wait to tap more with my fans this year. Through everything I go through, my supporters are always there to make me feel that I am never alone. I love my trendsetters, and I’m looking forward to doing more to tap into them this year. This is for all the young ladies out there who support me, and if they continue to show their love then I have no problem making mistakes for them.

If you could go to dinner with five artists or a dead or living creature who inspired you, who would those five be?

Rest in peace at No. 1, Juice WRLD. What he has brought to this generation and what he has left is a legend. His influence was so strong that his music is still alive and his fan base is huge. After that, I’ll invite Nicki Minaj Because I want to work with him again. Not only is he incredibly talented but he is also extremely kind. I would take Lala Anthony too! She is very attached and an incredible business woman. Over the years he has done much to inspire me. Also, Chief Kif, Gucci Mane and Babyface Ray will all be there. They will all count as one person because they have such a strong stamp on trap music right now.

I would say doja cat, although he and I did not really have a conversation. He is very hardworking and always shines no matter what people say about him. He is a flat out superstar. Finally, Miss Elliott and Lady Gaga both inspired me. They have crazy aesthetics and change the game for other young women like me. They have shown me that it is possible to do what you want and to be true to what you are as an artist.

Finally, what are your plans for support? Trendsetter What do your fans need to know for the rest of the year?

It’s so hard to talk after the album because it’s supposed to be dropped now! It will live so long because the music is fresh and new. I’m definitely going on my first headlining tour. My agent Cara Lewis Great, and his team has put together some fun options. I’m very hands-on, and I want to make sure everything is perfect. We’re going crazy in 2022 and beyond!

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