Clarissa Shields says Savannah Marshall’s knockout power will not be enough

Clarissa Shields says Savannah Marshall’s strength is not enough to defeat her, despite the British champion’s dramatic knockout win over Fameke Harmans.

The Newcastle Utilita Arena smashed Marshall Harmans with a huge left hook on Saturday night to set up an undisputed middleweight world title fight with the Shields from the ringside.

But his American rival insisted he was not disappointed by Marshall’s destructive performance.

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Watch Savannah Marshall’s huge KO win against Femke Hermans

“Congratulations, that’s what you’re supposed to do,” Shields said Sky Sports.

“I told him he would do it with FEMK. I’m not Harmony of Fame, I’m not Hannah Rankin, I’m not one of the girls she fought against.

“As much as he has the power to punch, I’m sorry to tell you, if I waited for it, it would be gone.”

Shields had to decide to win by a unanimous decision against Herman, but he was quick to point out: “I walked away with Femc four years ago. We fought at the beginning of my career four years ago.

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Shields says Marshall will need more than strength to defeat him

“She is [Marshall] I’m going to have a problem and he won’t let me down. “

Asked if Marshall was the biggest puncher in women’s boxing, Shields said: “No, he’s not, and you’ll see that when I come back in the summer and show that you have the power, you have the power. The skills you have are all there.

“It’s not going to take a big punch just to deal with me inside the ring. It’s going to take a lot.

“Fame was able to miss him and I’m 10 times faster than Fame, so what do you think I’m going to do?”

But Marshall remains confident that he will silence the Shields with a catastrophic loss by stopping Herman to add the 10th stoppage in 12 wins.

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Marshall believes Shields can’t handle his explosive punch

“There’s no one else between me and Clarissa, so in the summer, me and Clarissa,” Marshall said. Sky Sports.

“One hundred percent I know Clarissa can’t handle my power. I know it will be good night when I land in Clarissa.

“It’s Great Britain vs. America, it’s always been a great rivalry.

“This must happen here in the North East.”

Where and when Shield vs. Marshall?

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Boxer promoter Ben Shalom says the Shields vs. Marshall will take place this summer.

BOXXER promoter Ben Shalam is confident he will be able to quickly finalize a deal for Marshall to face the Shields with all the middleweight belts in the world in Britain this summer.

“It’s very, very close. Honestly, it’s just a matter of days, “said Shalom Sky Sports.

“We want that to happen in Newcastle. This is where it should happen. This is where he is [Marshall] Made his fanbase, it deserves to be here.

“Claresa has come all the way from the states. He obviously wants it and it is going to be a classic. An absolute classic and I think a milestone for women’s boxing in general.

“We’re looking at the end of June, now the beginning of July and 100 percent, I believe it will happen this summer, fingers crossed.

“I want it, everyone wants it, and we are working tirelessly with Dmitry Salita, Mick Hennessy and Peter Fury to ensure this fight.

“We had to make sure Savannah passed out tonight and she passed out in great fashion, so it will happen soon.”

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