CDC director says he will ‘really encourage’ second booster for adults

In an interview on the “In the Bubble” podcast this week, he said, “Unfortunately, treatment tolerances often catch the eye of viewers.” Some people with this type of condition don’t realize it, he said, while others may claim to suffer from it when they don’t actually do it.

Federal regulators say people can choose between two brands of mRNA vaccines for their second booster, regardless of the brand of their first booster. Asked in the podcast whether people should choose a different booster than their previous shots, Dr. Marks said that although there was “some data” that switching vaccines could provide better protection, “perhaps the more important thing is just boosting. You can get with him. “

Dr. Nirv D. Shah, head of the state health agency in Maine and president of the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials, said regulators were right to make age the sole criterion at this time. When the federal government introduced the first booster shots of the fall, he said, the CDC’s eligibility criteria, both as age and health status, confused many people.

He said he tried to simplify the CDC’s guidelines on second boosters last week for Maine residents. “I have tried to remedy some of the confusion with clarity on our part,” he said.

The day after the CDC updated its guidelines, he said, “I just went to Twitter and said, ‘You know, if you qualify, you should do it.'”

Maine, the uptake is fast. “The number of our vaccinations has increased over the last few days,” said Dr. Shah.

Not in Arkansas. “It’s a trick, a trick,” said Dr. Romero.

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