Cartoon band Tiny means ‘Get Min’ to teach kids no bullying

On Friday (April 1), a fictional animated band called Tiny Menezes released their first single, “Get Mean”, when its cartoon members appeared as part of an NFT series. The song deals with the issue of bullying among young people when it breaks down like a pleasurable Kawaii metal music. The music video brings joy to the house.

Teenie Meanies consists of fairy frontwoman Lily, fairy guitarist Paper, fairy drummer Belinda, and an enchanted mushroom guitarist known as Zarkonia.

Watch the video at the bottom of this post.

Last month, four teens were made available as NFTs – among other characters from Grimstone’s fictional area – A Night at the Catacombs, Vol. 1An NFT series featuring the band’s obscure cartoon community known as Lil Thrashers.

Creator Ledgers Lab explains, “Punk and heavy metal really helped me through my angry teenage years until I was thirty. I’ve always seen the value of having an outlet to channel negative energy and I don’t think you have to wait to grow up to enjoy heavy music. A cartoon was a fun way to open up a dialogue with my son about exploring that world and how to express feelings of frustration. [productively]”

The Lazers Lab project has worked with musician Jesse Corman (The Number 12 Looks Like You) and Flux88 Studios. To learn more about Teenie Meanies, watch a related video about the universe. Three Tiny Minis NFTs have already sold out – each with a 1 in 1 version – but Belinda remains at $ 250.

What are NFTs?

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are actually digital certificates of authenticity that point to a file, such as a picture or video, and exist in a record-keeping blockchain so that they can be individually identified and transacted with cryptocurrency. Some apply as a prelude to the latest online craze and a decentralized Internet, some NFTs have sold for millions because certain celebrities have backed the trend.

And like any new technology in commerce, NFT is fast coming to music. In 2021, rock artists, including Avenged Sevenfold and Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park, have begun creating or “minting” their own NFT. Even the late music icon Kurt Cobain of Nirvana has become the subject of an NFT series. Earlier this year, a fraudulent music NFT site called HitPiece was shut down by the American Recording Industry Association (RIAA).

Tiny Minis, “Get Minn”

Lil Thrashers

Lil Thrashers

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