Camilla Cabello says she doesn’t blame 5H girls for how ‘ginnings went down’

Camilla Cabello’s new album is here, so it’s time for a ‘miracle’. Camilla becomes all ‘psycho’ with Willow in her new video for ‘Psychofrick’ and she also mentions the fifth harmony of the track.

Are you ready to get a little nut? Camilla’s hair Naming his new album release, FamilyCollaboration with the rising Alt / Rock Star, including a music video for “Psychofrick” Willow. In the visual, which came out on April 8, Camilla, 25, and Willow, 21, revealed their insides. David Lynch Meet Alice in Wonderland. Meanwhile, Camilla sings about her time with him The fifth similarity In some words of the song. “Everyone says they miss me old, I’ve been on this ride since I was 15, I don’t blame the girls for how it went down,” she sings.

In an interview published April 7, Camilla confirmed that the lyrics were about her former bandmates. Camilla left the group in late 2016, and then four other members announced an indefinite break in 2018. Although there was excitement at first, Camilla said she is now in a “good place” with the other girls.

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“Psychofrick” comes with his new album, Family. “It was a journey for me, really in relationships, and in using other people, and in bringing interconnection and intimacy to my most stable, honest, truly self,” Camilla said. Jane Lowe The second single on the Apple Music 1 album, “Bam Bam” ft. Ed Sheeran. “And that’s why this album is called Family“Because I just feel like those relationships and the closeness between my colleagues and friends that I made along the way really took me from a bad place to a great place,” said Camilla. And I could no longer be proud of this album. I mean, I feel like everyone says it, but I really think it’s the best album I’ve ever had. “

Meanwhile, Willow continues his journey as the next bright alternative star. In 2021, he was released Lately I’ve been feeling everything, His fourth solo album and the first significant release from his previous R&B / hip-hop sound. Driven by energetic “transparent spirit” and featuring appearances by the album producer Travis Barker and Avril Lavigne, Cherry Glazer, Tyra Hack And Calpurnia Ayla Telsar-Mabe. The album peaked at number 46 in the United States Billboards Chart, and as established willow The The emo-punk voice of his generation. In 2021, as part of Willow AnxietyThe band that includes her and Tyler Cole – Released “Meet Me At Out Spot”, a gold-certified single that flirted with the top 20 Billboards Hot 100.

This year, Willow has been over airwaves thanks Machine gun Kelly “Emo Girl,” the main single from her Billboards 200-Top Albums, Mainstream Saleout. Willow “screamed” with his “purge” song. Released April 1, the song (and the music video that Willow shot himself) co-produced Siiickbrain. The video is a sex-charged subject that matches the song’s relentless aggression Willow and Seakbrain get into a car, make out in the back seat, smoke and cause a two-person riot.

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