Brockville Man – Kingston at a Mexican hospital after a mysterious incident

Brockville, Ant., A man fighting for his life in a Mexican hospital.

Dave BT, also known as “Island Dave”, has been receiving treatment at Puerto Escondido Hospital since March 18.

An American tourist finds him in a ditch early in the morning on a dark stretch of road just outside the village where he lives.

“As far as we know, it looks like a hit and run,” said Kathy McHugh, one of BT’s friends.

“He had $ 90 in person, he had a passport, he had all the travel documents. So it certainly doesn’t look like a robbery. “

BT has six broken ribs and one broken lung.

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A week later, he suffered a heart attack, but fortunately, his condition has improved in recent days.

“On April 1, he became aware,” McHugh said.

“It simply came to our notice then. He actually opened his eyes. He is unable to speak, but he can respond.

When two of BT’s friends heard that he was in the hospital, they left everything and moved to Mexico, and have been with him ever since.

Now Island Dave has a whole team who are working to bring him back to the country, back to 1000 island regions.

“An additional $ 35,000 has been estimated for the next few weeks, including hospital medical care and transportation back to Canada,” McHugh said.

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BT is well known as the “keeper of the island” in the Brockville area.

People who know him say that he is a friendly, outgoing person who has achieved a lot in life.

He has run both the New York City and Boston Marathon and has participated in numerous humanitarian efforts abroad.

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“He worked on setting up an orphanage in India, he was there for several years,” McHugh said.

“He has spent several times in Ecuador teaching English to children.”

McHugh says it will probably take a few more weeks before BT recovers enough to travel.

A GoFundMe has been set up to cover his expenses, and Brookville will also raise funds to raise money to bring Island Dave back to the country.

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