Boris says organic men should not compete in women’s sports events

It comes at a time when the government is facing a backlash for excluding transgender people from the ban on conversion therapy. (Photo: PA)

Boris Johnson lined up with Trans Rights today because he said biological men should not be allowed to compete only in women’s sports events.

The Prime Minister further said that parents should be ‘at least involved’ in the decision to change the gender of their children.

It comes at a time when the government is facing a backlash for excluding transgender people from the ban on conversion therapy.

After exiting more than 100 charities, the government has been forced to cancel a landmark international LGBT + conference in response to a change in the promised ban on all conversion therapies.

During a visit to a hospital in Welwyn Garden City today, the Prime Minister was asked for his views on a number of transgender people.

He said: ‘I don’t think it makes sense for kids to decide on their gender or immutable treatment because they are so-called gilic-capable. I think at least parents should be involved. ‘

And she added: ‘I don’t think biological men should compete in women’s sports events.’

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He also defended the decision to exclude transgender people from the conversion therapy ban, despite reactions from some of his own MPs.

Jamie Wallis, the Conservative MP for Bridges and the first UK public trans MP, said on Monday that it was a “mistake to omit protection for the whole group” from a “hateful” practice and that he was “bitterly disappointed” with his party.

Meanwhile, UK LGBT + business champion Ian Anderson resigned earlier on Tuesday for the government’s “deeply shocked” position.

But Mr Johnson said: ‘We will have a ban on homosexual conversion therapy, which is completely disgusting to me.

‘But when you go from the field of sex to the question of gender there are complexities and sensitivities. There, I’m afraid, there’s something I think still needs to be done. ‘

The Prime Minister added that there should be space for women in hospitals, prisons and change rooms which is ‘dedicated to women’.

‘As far as my thinking on this issue is concerned. If it puts me in conflict with anyone else, we have to do it all, ‘he said.

‘That doesn’t mean I’m not very sympathetic to people who want to change their gender.

“It’s important that we give people the love and support they can to make those decisions.

‘But these are complex problems and I don’t think that can be solved with a quick, simple law. It takes a lot of thinking to fix it. ‘

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